Excerpt from my textbook on American Government:

“A major facet of the federal judiciary is that the Framers designed it to be independent from popular control; that is, it was designed to go against the will of the majority. Once confirmed, federal judges serve a term of good behavior, which means that they can be removed from office only through the impeachment process. Impeachment of federal judges has generally been reserved for judges who commit ethical violations, not for judges who make unpopular decisions. This means that Americans and their elected representatives lack recourse to remove federal judges who issue unpopular decisions, which allows federal judges to follow the law instead of public opinion.”

Now considering that the law is made up not by the majority, this means that the majority is held to laws which it did not create, but laws created by and in the interest of a minority. And perhaps some here will be screaming- but the majority can’t be trusted to make the laws! They will make them in their own interest! And haha, because that is already what is happening, the laws are being made in the interest of some, but it happens to be a specific minority and not the majority. So either way, it’d be the same problem, just a matter of whose personal interests is being served.
Obviously the solution to that is to have the laws serve everyone’s interests equally, now you may be screaming- but everyone’s interests are different! So to clarify, and it’s actually quite simple, it means no laws will be created or allowed which serve some’s interest at the expense of another. Simply, that the laws we will create and allow are laws that will apply to everyone. Absolutely everyone. We will not apply laws which serve to only benefit some, in separation from all others. To do this, is to forgive everything of the past, and start ‘fresh’, so to speak, within the principle that we are all equal. It is the ultimate act of forgiveness, in literally releasing ourselves from the past, so that history can finally stop ‘repeating itself’, because it’s not ‘history’ repeating ‘itself’, it’s us repeating ourselves. And if we are simply a repeat of the past, then we are not real, we are not alive, we are simply a ‘broken record’. Not ‘life’, in fact, but simply a program repeating into infinity.
Now, the laws we create, will be based on the points which are common to all, as physical beings in this physical existence. Thus they actually are ‘in everyone’s interest’. Any points which allow abuse and separation, that is, which protects the interest of only some in separation, and not everyone equally, will not be allowed. And thus we will not ‘end up’ with a system which actually protects and allows and supports abuse.
This is going to require a major ‘redo’ of our laws, on the level of a new constitution, since all other laws have stemmed from there as it’s basis, and thus to try to change them to what supports all will be futile because they are still under the foundational documents which we allow to govern our law system.