Last year I participated as a volunteer in a campaign for a local politician. I had never done anything like this before, and it was quite fascinating to get a ‘inside’ look at how a political campaign operate. Some of the work I did was ‘canvasing’ which I never actually knew it was called that until then, and in case you don’t know either, it is the ‘going door-to-door’ part of the typical campaign process, wherein you knock on people’s doors, poll them about who they plan to vote for, discuss the candidate you are representing, and hand out fliers.

This was a fascinating point to push- as I literally found myself sitting in my car in neighborhood I’d never been in, holding a clipboard with sheets of names and houses of those who I was to visit and the questions to ask and record their answers, the last time I’d gone door-to-door was when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old selling Girl Scout cookies. I had doubts and fears coming up, that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I was going to fail miserably, afraid to actually knock on people’s doors and then possibly have them answer, and then! have to talk to them.. But I was not going to accept or validate these points. I knew it didn’t ‘matter’ if I did this or not, but yet, it did matter from the perspective of pushing myself through the resistance, to ‘prove’ to myself that I could do it, that the fears and doubts are just bullshit trying to limit me.

I also faced points of self judgment, wherein I’d defined this activity as ‘stupid’ or that’s not quite it, what’s a better way to put it, hmm, I’m not sure, but like ‘something I wouldn’t do” because it is “rude”? no, not quite.. but like a “why would you or who would want to do that”? “Who would want to be that involved in politics because that is not something that someone like me would be into, or that any normal human would care about”- Lol, what a bunch of B.S. All programming from my life’s experiences, environment, etc. “Political Socialization” like I talked about in a recent vlog.

I remember one house I stopped at, in a neighborhood that was obviously not at all wealthy, and the lady whom I was to speak to was on her way out and she didn’t have time to speak me, (it didn’t seem like she was much interested to either), but looking at that situation, I see that it’s kind of ironic, in a very unfortunate way, that those who are not much benefiting from the system, are often too busy to get involved in it, and thus be able to affect change that WOULD benefit them. So many people are really stuck in this catch-22 situation. Quite a fuck-up. Because in our current system, it’s a competition to get the laws to be designed to favor you in spite of others, doing what you can to keep those ‘others’ from being able to do anything about it. Quite Sadistic, Dis-eased behavior.

I have seen this play out in so many ways, this point where one does not have the time to do things effectively or that is supportive for oneself, and to work toward actually Changing the System so that they are Not too Busy to deal with what Matters. I have been in that same boat, I speak from experience, and it’s quite fucked up, and thus I will do what I can, since now I find myself not stuck in that ‘catch-22’ situation, and I AM actually able to do something. It’s up to us that CAN, because obviously, those that Can’t ain’t gonna do it. When I apply the Equality Equation here, and consider that I did not want to be stuck in that shitty situation where I am unable to do anything to better my life- then No One would want that, thus the solution is to Do what it takes, so that that kind of situation No Longer Exist, Anywhere, Ever Again. Thus we stand up and change this system to one that is Supportive- Equal Money System– and give ourselves the Time for what Really Matters.