I just recently studied about the Judicial system of the United States government- part of what I want to use this blog for, a large part actually- is to go over some of what I’ve learned, to make sure I’ve got it down right, to open it up for perspectives or correction, and also simply to assist myself in getting more ‘fluent’ in the ‘language’ of government, as that is the key to walking in and as the system- not simply walking ‘in it’, but literally being ‘one and equal’ to it, wherein I understand how it works to the extent that it is not knowledge and information that I am living, as according to how/what I’ve ‘learned/been taught’ as how and what the system apparently ‘exist as’, but to understand the system and how it functions and my power/ability of creation within and as the system. So that I actually live this understanding of the system, and stand one and equal to it. Not simply a pawn on it’s ‘chessboard’. But seeing the whole ‘game’ as myself.
The judicial system is quite interesting to study, finding out where/how laws are made, how the process currently operates, about the different types of laws. This is something I must understand in order to be able to become a participant in within our law system- as it’s necessary to change the laws, in ways that prevent abuse, rather than laws which allow abuse such as we have now. It’s unfortunate that we even require laws to be able to live together here and even with the laws we are doing a terrible job. It’s time to stand up and correct ourselves, by taking responsibility for what’s here- by seeing how we are Able to Respond to what is manifested here as a reflection of who and what we are living as, as our current accepted nature, to Stand up and direct this reality to create a world ‘worth’ living in.