So, I’ve just studied the point of how the mass media influences politics, in terms of shaping public opinions and manipulating perceptions. What’s fascinating to me is that this is all explained quite clearly in my textbook, how many people have had access to this information and none stood up and said- wtf- this is unacceptable?

Sometimes it seems to me like we are living in some kind of ‘bizarro’ world- where even though we know better, we actually still have wars. We still have people starving to death. People being murdered and tortured. Animal being extensively abused. It’s as if we are stuck in some gigantic time-loop, where we’re still repeating the past like a broken record, a cd that keeps skipping, never actually changing in a way that has a Real and Lasting effect. Everything that’s ever existed still does- and this proves that we have simply not changed or improved or evolved in any way.

For a homework assignment, I had to research and compare television advertisements for presidential campaigns over the years. It was quite interesting to see how the techniques have not changed in the sense of the underlying tactics used, but they have certainly upgraded in terms of, obviously, the technology available, and the points being manipulated have become somewhat more complex, drawing on more emotional/feeling relationships that’s been built between the past and now. There simply exists more ‘material’ to use now, than there was then. For the assignment, I used a site called “The Living room Candidate“, which contains a collection of videos of campaign ads through the years.

Fascinating to see how we are literally brainwashed, literally mind controlled through the various points of the media- as the different media outlets serve as portals straight into the minds of people, where information can be directly downloaded and thus if you control what information is in the media, you can control people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s quite disturbing what this indicates. And if you have a look at the types of techniques used to manipulate human consciousness- it shows quite perfectly why it is a fuckup to be of consciousness systems- because it is in fact through the mind system that such manipulation is able to occur.

In an Equal Money System, this kind of manipulation won’t be tolerated, and in fact, would be irrelevant. If all people are provided with the means with which to survive- then they will no longer be ale to be swayed by campaign tactics of how you need to vote for such and such because he is going to be the ‘hero which saves you from all the problems in world’- because the problems will be solved, and therefore positions of high office like president will simply be a matter of administration, and no longer this point of ‘leadership’ wherein we seek someone to ‘lead us’ ‘to the promise land’, so to speak. Wherein people are educated and supported to no longer be susceptible to such manipulation by the media.

What’s so insane, is that through these techniques of manipulation, the population is mind controlled to vote for candidates who will not serve the interest of all, but will actually serve the interest of those who paid for them and supported them to get elected, which is a minority. And thus, we do not have a Democracy because we do not have a government that actually represents the people. I’m pretty sure that ‘a system of government in which power is exercised by the people” doesn’t mean ‘just some of the people’.

Vote for a Real Democracy and Stand Up for an Equal Money System- wherein all will have a ‘voice’ to be heard and we will have a government that actually ‘represents the people’.

One Man, One Vote = Real Democracy = Equal Money System