I was visiting at my mom’s today, and the tv was on, she had it on in preparation for watching the “royal wedding”. It wasn’t due to happen for several more hours yet, but it was already being talked about on the tv, people were gossiping about the “royal family”, and the “bride to be”, gossiping about their relationship, how she dresses, what kind of jewelry she wears, and one point specifically they were talking about was that she didn’t wear a lot of jewelry, and they wondered whether she’d wear ‘the tiara’, which is apparently a traditional tiara belonging to the royal family.

One of the ‘commentators’ said that people would be disturbed if she did not wear it, as it’s a traditional thing.

Hiow ridiculous is this- that we will be upset because some lady does not put on a specific jeweled tiara thing- while there are people literally starving to death in each and every moment- and yet thousands, no probably millions, will be watching this so-called “royal family” with excitement, without even considering the obvious fact that these people are ridiculously wealthy lavishing themselves with jewels and what will likely be a extensively expensive ceremony, while billions of people have barely enough food to eat.

This shows just how extensively the human is brainwashed, to find some random family ‘special’ and spend their time watching other people gossip about this family which they are not doing because they care about this family, no they are doing it simply for money- so those that’s going to all the trouble of hyping-up this family and hypnotizing people to be interested in it- they are just putting on this very deliberate act in order to get paid- and those that watch do so to have a moment of distraction from their lives and the world around them.

However, distracting oneself with this kind of entertainment never makes anything better- once the distraction is over, one’s life is still the same, and often just gets worse- and obviously so, because one is not actually dealing with the problems in one’s life, but is trying to ignore them- yet the problems will not disappear by themself. This is why people will use drugs as well, it’s the same thing- they are trying to ‘get away’ or ‘escape’ from reality, but it’s always here, you can’t actually get away from it.

At Desteni one is shown the tools one can use to actually start facing one’s life- to be able to deal with the problems in ones life- and once you start doing this- you will no longer desire to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’ from your world, your reality, because you will actually be taking charge of your life so that you can be stable, no longer fear to face what’s here, but actually stand up and make change and direct yourself- and then you will want to spend every moment here, and trying to escape reality will become utterly pointless and in fact undesirable. This is so cool. The Desteni I Process is the life-coaching process that’s been specifically designed to walk one through this process of becoming self directive to be able to face and thus to change  one’s world, and get back one’s power! Suggest to become involved in the Desteni I Process- you will never be bored again, lol.