This fascinating interview here about the Design of Infinity is definitely a must watch! I remember the first time I came across this perspective and it blew my mind, literally! I couldn’t believe the now so seemingly-obvious points about the basic design of infinity that I had never considered- had missed completely! It simply had never ‘crossed my mind’- as I just simply had followed the beliefs and perceptions that already pre-existed as what was taught to me about ‘infinity’ and what it means and implies to be living in an apparent ‘Infinite Existence’. Basically I had believed that ‘Infinity’ implied ‘unlimited-ness’ and ‘unending-ness’ so to speak- a ‘vastness’, like the ‘ultimate’ vastness beyond all imagination- however- if you have a look at the design of infinity- you’ll see this is not exactly the case, and there is some serious points we have missed-

See, infinity is a time based design- it seems ‘endless’ because it has no apparent beginning and end- but this is simply an illusion created by simply cycling the beginning and the end over and over and over, on and on, ‘infinitely’. So within that, infinity is not limitlessness in any way whatsoever- it is actually a complete and total trap- an enslavement to cycles endlessly repeating- quite the opposite of the ‘impression’ I’d had of what ‘Infinity’ was ‘supposed’ to be. Oh, yes it is indeed ‘vast’ and ‘endless’- a ‘vast’ and ‘endless’ repition of cycles over and over.

This is not Life obviously- this is a program- infinity is a program that runs repeatedly and simply follows it’s design as it was programmed to do. At Desteni we are realizing ourselves as Life- to no longer be enslaved to and within the endless cycles of infinity- fascinating how we’d missed such a simple point- such a simple consideration- within the design of infinity, and had it completely backwards- infinity is just another program, and to be living within an infinity based system is actually enslavement and limitation. Definitely give this interview a listen especially if you had the same ideas as I did about the Design of Infinity! It’ll blow your mind.