The meat industry will no longer exist as it does today, where much of the industry involving breeding and slaughtering animals for human consumption exist merely for the sake of profit. In the current Capitalist system, there is no regard for animal life and animals are seen and treated as lesser beings that are here simply for us to utilize without regard or consideration of these beings and their place within the ecosystem here on earth- the ecosystem which support us to exist, and where the quality of our life will be equal to the quality of the ecosystem in which we live- thus as we degrade the ecosystem, we degrade ourselves as well.

The consequences of meat production on vast industrial scales is various diseases, viruses, and chemicals being within the meats that are then consumed by humans, causing all sorts of health issues, which then lead to further profits for the medical industries which treat diseases and such. The consequence of this being massive suffering which is completely unnecessary, of both human and animal.

Large scale ‘factory farms’ also produce a lot of waste run-off that pollutes the surrounding environment in various ways, such as toxic gases that are released by decomposing manure, or by animal waste contaminating the water supply. The antibiotics that the animals are often injected with to keep down disease due to living in overcrowded unsanitary spaces also enter into the environment causing many deleterious effects.


Eventually it may be possible we can to get to a point where animals are no longer killed to be consumed, but rather can be consumed once they have naturally come to the end of their life. Or a suitable replacement can be found/developed which could provide what the human requires rather than using animals. So that animals will be given the basic right of being able to exist and prosper, like we would want for ourselves.


These possiblities and more can only be explored in an Equal Money System where the system is based on doing what’s best for all life. The profit-driven nature of the current system means that research is only done when a profit can be made from it. It’s through and within this current system that these abuses are actually allowed to take place, since the meat industries can afford to pay lobbyists to get support for legislation that support the business of meat production, at the expense of alll life; human, animal or otherwise.

The Equal Money System will be the key to finally being able, as a species, to do what is actually best for life. Then we will be free to walk a process of transformation from dis-ease to well-being, giving ourselves the chance to really thrive here; to stop the survival game and be able to enjoy life here, fully, in all forms.


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