Someone just recently mentioned the name George Soros to me in a conversation we were having about politics. I’d heard the name but knew nothing about him. So she searched him on google on her ipad right there, and we went through some of the articles that came up, which she had read previously. What I noticed in these articles is that it was mostly full of opinions toward Soros, in a negative, obviously against Soros, stance, and there was little facts, so these articles were not assisting in telling me anything about this guy, except for the few parts it mentions things he’s done. Because that’s what really matters in this world- what is your actions? It doesn’t matter if someone ‘doesn’t like you’ or has a bent against you, it doesn’t tell you anything that matters, it doesn’t tell you what this being has actually lived or done.

For example, a comment like this: “What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopaths lack of conscience. He considers himself to be an elitist world class philosopher, despises the American Way and just loves to do social engineering (change cultures).”
It actually tells you nothing about what this man has actually done, it’s just judgments attempting to engender a certain perspective toward something, and thus not effective to assist others in seeing what this person has really done specifically, but has the intent of just creating an opinion about it.

As I was preparing to write about this point, I tried to find the search results again on my own computer, to quote from it, but I was not getting the same results, so I went back to the ipad and checked what the search had been and it was not simply ‘george soros’ but ‘george soros evil’, lol, so I typed that in and now I got the same results.

So this explains why the articles had that particular bent against Soros. So what I was able to glean is that Soros apparently has a lot of influence in the political system, because he has lots of money, billions, which he uses/has used to play around with and manipulate governmental systems, by such things as like creating alternate governments to take over for when the existing government is overthrown and funding certain media organizations. So, I’ll definitely do some more researching on this point, study how this person has moved within and as the system. It is quite cool how I no longer will just follow opinions, but rather can distinguish between facts and opinions, and thus can see what is relevant and what is not, thus do research that’s much more effective, whereas in the past it was like it was hard to make ‘heads or tails’ of how I should ‘feel’ about something/someone, instead of realizing that ‘feeling’ a way about something is totally irrelevant and necessary, and so no wonder I was confused and couldn’t make sense of what I researched.

So make sure when you research, that you can see what is opinions and what is fact, so that you can see what is actually going on and not just getting ‘swayed’ by opinions/feelings, which is totally useless and doesn’t help to solve the problems we’re facing in this world, in fact, it’s what creates the problems, isn’t it.