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Everywhere you look, there is Glaring examples of how we have Completely, Utterly failed to understand what ‘Equality’ means.


Time to go back to kindergarten and re-learn basic math, because this is simple 1+1=2 kind of stuff, that we’ve completely missed. I mean, this is really one Big F-up.


For example, I heard this story on the radio today:


Colby Bohannan, a student at Texas State University, was having trouble finding a scholarship that he and his friends were eligible for, being white males. So, he created an organization called the “Former Majority Association for Equality” which offers grants Exclusively to Caucasian men.


Now, if you are giving/doing something that only applies to ‘Some’ and doesn’t apply to ‘Others’, that is not Equality. Equality is All-Inclusive, otherwise, it’s not Equal it’s that Simple.


This is but one example- there are MANY. And obviously there are, obviously we’ve not yet understood this point, of what Equality is, otherwise we’d be Living It. We would have Equality, and we do Not- We have total In-Equality, despite those that claim that they support Equality- because it’s never been about Actual Equality- that’s All-Inclusive– it’s been always self-interest, even if it wasn’t realized. We have so many groups which claim to stand for Equality, but they are in fact only supporting themselves- they try to ‘fight’ for ‘equality’ against those who are not treating them equally, which only makes their ‘opponents’ fight back even harder or disregard them even more.


There’s no need to have scholarships exclusively to any particular group, there’s no need to have scholarships at all in fact, only in this current capitalist system where not all can afford an education, and many can’t even afford their basic needs, do things like ‘scholarships’ even have relevance. In an Equal Money System, Education will be available to all equally– thus there will be no need for any interest groups protecting their own separate interests from one another. All will be Supported Unconditionally. That is Real Equality.


Investigate Equal Money.



Interest Groups – WTF? FAIL

Wow- Interest Groups. We actually have various groups of which the purpose is literally to represent the interest of some in spite of others. Rather than representing interests of All Equally. Groups are then basically competing amongst each other in this system for support for their own members in disregard and separation from all other groups.

We even have a ‘theory’ about this, as if a ‘theory’ ever had anything to do with actual reality rather than just being an ‘idea‘ which we try to view the world as- rather than seeing direct what is here, no ‘theories’ necessary- and the theory is called ‘Pluralism’ or ‘interest group theory’. My textbook describes this as: “a theory of politics that contends that power is group based and that because there are multiple points of access within American government, each group possesses an equality of opportunity when competing with other groups for power and resources.” It seems odd to define it in such way as to say ‘this theory contends that..’ I mean, is it contending? and with what/who? or just in general? lol.

Interestingly, this theory comes from James Madison who had “envisioned the United States as a society in which conflict, rather than consensus, would predominate.” Is this statement meaning that he predicted it? or that he thought it should be that way? Strange. Anyway, in a Federalist Paper he “warned that U.S. citizens would be subject to the development of factions.” Factions being groups of citizens united for “some common impulse or passion that might adversely affect the rights of other citizens or the interests of the larger community.”

Madison believed that the factions were based on economic differences, that those with property and those without had different interests. Those who are creditors and debtors, manufacturers, mercantiles, etc, all divided into different classes according to their different sentiments and views.

What’s fascinating about this is to see that these ‘sentiments’ and ‘interests’ and ‘views’ are all determined by the design of one’s placement in the system. According to what ‘profession’ you have or what your ‘wealth’ status, determines what your interests are, therefore you can see that these interests are not real interests that would exist no matter what, but are only ‘superficial‘ interests that only exist within certain specific placements. Yet to a vast extent, these interests are treated as if it is the real interests of the people themselves, in spite of this fact that the interest onlyexists due to their particular predesigned system placement, and that if you changed that placement- the interests change. Therefore, its a point to see/realize/understand that when you see these interests and see some group that is fighting for these interests or you are fighting for these interest, that these interest are not in fact real interests and only exist within the particular ‘made-up’ category or position that one is in within the system.

Therefore, when we are ‘contending’ with each other for these interests- we can consider and see that it is not necessary to fight for these interests- there is also the options of changing the placements themsselves such that the interests are no longer even relevant or exist.

What we need is real interest groups whose interest is the interest of All Equally, focusing on the real interests of all life here, that which is common no matter what placement you could have in this world, this existence anywhere. Such a group or groups there’d be no contention. Who is there to contend with a group which supports the interest of All? Only those who want to support interests that work for them in spite of everyone else. Which is how it is now, every group having to compete against each other for their personal interests, and therefore in this current system if you’re not fighting for your interests, someone else is ‘getting them’, lol, which is not funny at al when you consider that the interest groups must have money to fight for their interests, therefore the poor is obviously not able to amass groups to fight for their interests, they don’t have the money, the education, the time, they don’t have fucking anything. They are totally disregarded by this system, and it’s completely unacceptable. I wouldn’t want to be born in a position like that, totally stuck and hopeless. It has not always been easy even in the position I was born in, in the elite country of the U.S.

I mean, WTF? Almost NO ONE is happy in this system. Definitely time for a CHANGE. Equal Money System!

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