This blog is dedicated to the subject of bringing about Equality in this world and my process/part within that. This World is not as it should be, and I am now standing up to do my part to change that. I have dedicated my life to this point, as really, what else is there to do? Shall I continue to hide in a limited existence endlessly seeking for my own ‘entertainment’, or shall I face all my fears til there is nothing left but I remain? Hmm..  So I am now busy with expanding myself and my understanding of the systems in the world, as through that understanding I will be able to change the systems. I will become educated and I will get into the system and become the system and thus I will change the system as myself, as it, because that is how the system exists, we are it, we live it into existence, so we must change it, as ourselves.

Within this blog, I’ll be sharing anything pertaining to what I learn about the systems and sorting out what is abusive and coming up with solutions of how to change it. This is no small task, but I’ll walk it step by step, in self-trust and self-dedication, never stopping til it’s done, til Equality is Here in Fact, and no more suffering is created in this world.

What I write and share here in this blog is for self-assistance in developing effective writing and communication skills while using writing as a tool also to ‘gauge’ where I’m at in my understanding, and see where further investigation is required. I welcome and look forward to any perspectives you may have to offer in support of this process of bringing forth world equality.

That being said, I’ll also state, up front, that I will not accept or allow any ‘opinions’ or ‘justifications’ or defense of the way things are, as its either effective and thus require no ‘defense’ as it stands on the actual fact that it is effective, or it is being defended for some personal issue, how it ‘benefits’ self in spite of the whole, and thus is not valid and is exposed for the separation it supports. Opinions are useless as they are not based in actual reality on fact, so don’t bother with those either, they’re just a waste of time.

Thanks and Enjoy!