Hello and welcome to my blog dedicated to the topic of ‘Bringing forth World Equality’. It is quite unfortunate that the Principle of Equality is not already here, lived in fact, yet this is the case and there is nothing to do but get busy establishing Equality as a Real, Lived Fact in this reality. For when you look at the Common Sense- you see that Equality is the Key that will allow us to all be here really Enjoying ourselves as Life in this Physical existence. All of existence is one Being- all of us and everything make up one Being All-together, humans, animals, plants, rocks, everything- is all Here. Life does not work in terms of Less or More- all is Equal. It’s only within the mind that the concepts of ‘less’ or ‘more’ are validated and believed. And we can clearly see the outflows of participating in such beliefs manifest in this world- War, Poverty, Starvation, Rape, etc.. How long have we existed and none of these things has ever stopped? How can we call ourselves ‘evolved’? ‘enlightened’? Please… What we have become is an utter Disgrace, and not even the prettiest words can hide the stink of the truth of our current accepted nature, which is of Separation, Greed, Hate, Spite, and full of Lies, Lies, Lies. Not only to each other but to ourselves. One has only to look at how this world currently exist to see who we really are. It’s All Here, and nothing is hidden, we only ‘hide’ it from ourselves in Self-Delusion. I No Longer accept this Deception, and I am Here Standing Up for All Life as Equal- I will do whatever it takes to Bring Forth Equality in this World. Within the realization that it is each one of us that makes this world what it is, thus each one is response-able. I Stand Up and take Response Ability for what is here in and as my World, I No Longer accept and allow justifications or excuses for Abuse of Life, but I walk each breath, breath by breath, finding actual practical Solutions to the Problems in this World and applying them, until this is a World where Not One Being Suffers.