I’ve just started watching the recent State of the Union Address by Obama, and I will write about a point that’s come up ‘right off the bat’ within the first couple minutes, as I am waiting for the rest of the video to finish buffering, lol. The president is just getting started and he says that over the last two years debates have been contentious and “we have fought fiercely for our beliefs, and that’s a good thing.”
Now, for anyone who is able to look at this world in common sense, and sees what ‘beliefs’ actually are, it will be quite easy for you to see the deception within this point. It’s pointless to be fighting over ‘beliefs’ a belief is a thought and a thoughts not real so why are we fighting over this shit? What are we really fighting over? Personal interests, and that is not cool, it means each is fighting for themself and against the ‘other’, and this is in the core of our very government- how our entire nation is run and controlled by, the very foundation, is built on fighting each other? This is evidence of a sick and dis-eased people, this kind of behavior, that we can’t get along and work together. Its like if we were one human body we’d be stabbing ourself in the eye, or gnawing our own leg off, and that’s in-fact what we are doing, when we accept this point of fighting one another, we are attacking ourself, and when you look at the big picture of it, it looks pretty fucking stupid. Not a sign of an intelligent race, no wonder we are hoping that there is some actually ‘intelligent’ aliens out there that’s going to come and ‘straighten’ us out, but if we have a look we will see that it doesn’t work that way, you can’t have someone ‘else’ come and rescue you from yourself. That this doesn’t in any way work is quite evident in for example our relationship to our government where we have made the government this point thatis supposed to take responsibility ‘for us’ and we can here see the consequences of that, within most people being disgruntled towards the government and unsatisfied with how things are being done, and this perception is started within the family structure where the children will blame the parents who is in charge of them, and thus ‘learn’ to blame and put responsibility on the ones that’s ‘in charge’ of them, instead of developing the ‘ability’ to consider things from a point of self responsibility, where, then, self is actually able to effect change in their world within the realization of how one create their world.
Obama says that “this is a good thing. It’s what helps set us apart as a nation.” and that is quite true, but not how he means it- this point of acceptance of fighting as a necessary and ‘good’ thing, indeed supports ‘separation’ and is the same fundamental point within how we have separated ourselves into various ‘nations’ and then compete with one another as these separate ‘nations’, just like teams in sports, and it’s the same on the level as nations as it is within our own government, as I have recently been learning about in school, how this competition point is so extensively ‘built right in’ into our very governmental structure where it is competitions between ‘opposing’ parties, showing that even within our own government, we are ineffective at working together as a group, and doing what’s Best for All.
It’s time we Stand Up and Correct ourselves to no longer accept this point of fighting each other as ‘human nature’ and create a political party whose purpose and principle is to do what’s Best for All, and within that there is obviously no fighting necessary, as there is nothing to fight for that is being taken away from one by another in self-interest, thus there is no one ‘opposing’ another and ‘fighting’ simply becomes Irrelevant. That is the World I’d like to live in, and why I support an Equal Life Party to make it happen.

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