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Rocks are a part of life, where would we be without rocks? Would we have solid ground to stand on? Are rocks not an important part of our ecosystem that supports us to exist here? Would it be stupid to not consider rocks as well as all life? Aren’t our physical forms dependent on a specific balance and constitution of nature, of which rocks are included?

Yet so many do not consider rocks a part of life, do not consider rocks as equally as valuable as anything else that is here that is supporting us to exist here. Humans are usually see as the most important life form on the entire planet – yet not considering everything that it takes to make it possible to even be a human being existing here. Is a life form which takes for granted the very things that it requires to exist, really that superior of a being?

Currently we’re taking just about every facet of this existence for granted, as one can plainly see from the way we’re treating this world and everything within it, including ourselves. We allow ourselves and everything in this world to be enslaved to a money system that seeks only to make profit and has no consideration for life, because we’re not considering life, and considering ourselves as life.

We’ve accepted ourselves as less than life. Because our lives seem so limited and insignificant, we’ve come to believe that’s all we are. And it’s within that belief that we’ve diminished ourselves.

The solution is here, and has always been here. It’s to stop taking ourselves for granted, stop giving in to justifications and excuses that this is all we are and ever can be. We’ve never even tried to really expand ourselves – we’ve given up before we’ve even started. We’ve become masters at the art of self sabotage.

We sabotage ourselves to the ultimate extent where we’re busy making this world uninhabitable by taking for granted the very things which we require to survive and thrive here. We’re contaminating our food and water and the total environment as a whole and utilizing the earth’s resources at a rate which cannot be sustained.

We’re causing our own destruction, but if you have a look, each and every human is busy trying to protect and ensure their own survival. As if the human can survive on its own. As an individual or as a whole – the human is totally dependent on what is here to survive. You can’t live without food, water, air, shelter – the basic things that nature provides – and if we abuse the process of nature to such an extent that it can no longer effectively operate to provide us with what is required to live, then we’ll die. So how ironic is that? That each and every human is geared toward their survival – yet we’re busy destroying that which we need to survive?

If we actually care that much about surviving, then we need to get busy considering what actually is keeping us alive here right now. Which is this planet and nature. Without these functioning properly and being utilized effectively, the human cannot exist. Thus the human is no better than the animals, nature, even rocks. Have a look around and see if there is any concrete nearby, there is probably some in your house somewhere, or a building nearby. What’s concrete made of? Crushed rocks. It’s used in many homes as an effective building material for humans to live in. The home I live in now is constructed mostly from concrete. And the very ground we walk on has rock as in its structure. It’s used within roads to transport goods and materials that we utilize. Some animals even require to eat small rocks to aid with their digestion, like chickens, and those animals play an important part in our food chain.

We all learn about in school the basic human needs of food, shelter, water, yet not how to care for them, what the current state of them is, how we’re currently utilizing them, whether we’re using the resources the earth provides in a way that is sustainable, and that reflects an understanding of the importance that nature plays in our very ability to exist here. We don’t learn to care for that which cares for us. And the result is that we don’t even realize or understand the part nature plays in our existence, or that it is being used in a way that our children may not have a world to live in, or even ourselves.

We need to get out of the survival complex within the current economic system, and consider what is actually necessary to survive, and realize that the way we’re currently existing is not leading to a life where all get what they need and where the environment is treated as equal to ourselves, since without it we wouldn’t and can’t exist. It’s leading to the very destruction of nature, and us with it. And it will not be pleasant or quick. There is an opportunity to stop and correct ourselves before it’s too late. And the first step is a new economic system that doesn’t force us into a survival game that keep s us too busy to consider anything other than our own momentary survival. For more on the new economic system in the works, check out the Equal Money System at http://equalmoney.org.


What is it that prompts us to ask this question? What would it mean to you if a comet was going to come and destroy the earth? Would you live your life differently? Would your life suddenly seem more precious? If our life is so precious then why are we not living it in each moment already?

What does it say that it would take the imminent destruction of the earth to then see life as valuable? Why are we not living this value of life in each and every moment? We’ve accepted the world as ‘the way it is’ as if it can be no other way and this is apparently the ‘best we can do’. This is the lies we’ve been sold by those that benefit from the current system and want it to continue at all costs. And as long as enough people believe this, nothing will change, and this is why nothing has changed.

The only way you can believe something can’t be changed, is if you don’t know how to change it. This requires that you don’t know what causes the problem, and humanity has been deliberately kept ignorant and been deceived as to what is actually causing the problems in the world. It’s always been presented as ‘someone or something else’ is doing it, like the poor are poor because they are lazy, or they’re poor because it’s ‘god’s will’, and everything is according to ‘god’s plan’. We have learned to blame everyone and everything, and yet there is one place we never considered – ourselves.

We fear to change ourselves, so we accept the justifications that it’s someone/something else out there that is causing all the problems. Yet it’s not changing ourselves that keeps us in the same situations, the same problems and never finding solutions to what’s here, because we haven’t realized ourselves as the cause, haven’t realized that we in fact create what is here and are responsible for what manifests in this world. Since we’ve always avoided looking at ourselves, we have no idea who we are and how we’re creating what’s here. We’ve never taken the time and actually got to know ourselves, to understand how we’re responsible for what’s here and what the consequences and outflows are of who and what we live as.

We don’t understand how this world works, because we have separated ourselves from it, within separating ourself from ourself in not knowing/understanding/realizing ourselves and thus how we create this world, through accepting and allowing it to exist as it does and how we participate in it. It’s through this that we think/believe that the world can’t be changed, and thus how some will manifest the desire for it to simply all be ‘washed away’ within some cataclysmic event, such as being destroyed by a comet, since no other possible solution is seen.

Whether a comet is going to come and destroy the earth is actually irrelevant. Disasters are going on all around the world all the time – yet we’re still accepting living within a system in which we’re all enslaved, completely taking life for granted, with many too busy surviving to be able to even appreciate life here in the physical – how can you appreciate life when it’s been made into a torture? We’ve allowed life to be such a misery for so many, that some even desire it all to end, and thousands are committing suicide every year.

One reason we entertain such an idea is that if a comet were to come and destroy the whole earth in 2012, we then wouldn’t have to face the mess that we’ve created here, it would all just be ‘washed away’. But this obviously solves nothing – we’re back to the beginning again, and no better off in understanding and being able create a world without making a mess of it by making such a mess out of ourselves. So to just hope it’s all going to just suddenly ‘disappear’ is useless as it would only make things worse. We’d have to start all over from scratch, and we’d simply manifest the same problems all over again, all the unnecessary suffering and abuse, because we wouldn’t have actually changed who we are in any way, in fact, we would just be perpetuating our habit of procrastination and not facing ourselves as/within what we create.

So rather, we should get busy investigating ourselves, and seeing how it is that we manifest a world where the vast majority of us are not living a satisfying life, busy just surviving day to day, not even able to appreciate life. Because either way, whether a comet does come and destroy the earth or not, we still must change ourself. It’s not here now, and thus it’s not relevant – not relevant to who we are and how we live. It should not matter if a comet were to come and destroy the earth – what does it imply if who we are were to change if that were to happen?

We should be living in such a way that no matter what happens, some freak accident with a comet that wipes everything out, it doesn’t matter, because we’ve lived our lives in such a way that we were satisfied. Which implies living in a world where life is supported, not where it is enslaved, where all live as equals and none are left out and not considered and allowed to suffer needlessly.

So we need to finally get down to the nitty-gritty and see exactly how it is we create this world, and actually get to know ourselves and investigate exactly how we’ve created this world and how it actually exists. We need to effectively understand ourselves and our creation so that we can stand equal to it and no longer be enslaved to a system, hoping, wishing that something might happen that’ll just ‘make it all go away’, as that’s no solution. We are the solution, we can be the solution, by coming to understand ourselves, and this is why it’s suggested to do the Desteni I Process, as that is the fundamental principle of the whole course – is to get to know oneself so that self can stand as the directive principle and assist and support oneself to stand equal to our creations as ourselves and as the world, to finally be able to manifest a world that is best for all, through becoming the living directive principle of what is best for all.

It is so insane, this system that we have currently, the sheer ways in which it abuse. The sheer extent to which we are allowing suffering and abuse in this world.

It is so obvious that we need to simply forgive each other, let shit go, let our egos go, so that we can be here, so that we can actually enjoy being here, and can create a world that is worth living in, that is worthy of children to be born into.

It’s going to take a lot of work and consideration to clean up this colossal mess so the sooner we get started, the better. The problems are obviously not going to just go away, look around, they’re still here. Nothing we have done thus far has actually solved anything. It’s time we stop fucking around with fantasies and empty words of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and ‘light’ and ‘love’, none of that bullshit has done anything to solve any of the problems we face, and in fact that kind of bullshit is part of the problems.

It’s time to get Real and get down to business. It’s time to Stand Up and take Responsibility for what’s Here. What did we do with this Earth that is Here, providing the substance for us to be supported to live here as the physical- did we realize what a gift this is and live in gratitude and appreciation of this within our very actions? No- we abused the living shit out of it. We’ve spited ourself to the utmost, by spiting the very thing which allows us to exist here, and unfortunately, we continue to do so.

This is so unacceptable, I will do whatever it takes and whatever I can to Stand up and face these points of abuse to stop them, as this is not what life should be, at all. I dedicate my life to this process, of bringing about equality- Equality where everyone has Equal Quality of Life- where No One has Less ‘quality’ than another- that is simply unacceptable- have a look- would you want to have Less Quality than another? NO, you would not. So obviously, no one would. And any excuse that says for some reason some should have less than you, is ego, and is fucked up, and you do not deserve to be a human being living on this planet. If you cannot get along with others, if you cannot ‘love thy neighbor’ as yourself- then get out. Come back when you realize what it means to live in and share a world with other beings and that those beings are equal to you in the right to have a life, in the right to have a chance in life to actually live and express themself as who they really are, and then you too will have that right.

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