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What is it that prompts us to ask this question? What would it mean to you if a comet was going to come and destroy the earth? Would you live your life differently? Would your life suddenly seem more precious? If our life is so precious then why are we not living it in each moment already?

What does it say that it would take the imminent destruction of the earth to then see life as valuable? Why are we not living this value of life in each and every moment? We’ve accepted the world as ‘the way it is’ as if it can be no other way and this is apparently the ‘best we can do’. This is the lies we’ve been sold by those that benefit from the current system and want it to continue at all costs. And as long as enough people believe this, nothing will change, and this is why nothing has changed.

The only way you can believe something can’t be changed, is if you don’t know how to change it. This requires that you don’t know what causes the problem, and humanity has been deliberately kept ignorant and been deceived as to what is actually causing the problems in the world. It’s always been presented as ‘someone or something else’ is doing it, like the poor are poor because they are lazy, or they’re poor because it’s ‘god’s will’, and everything is according to ‘god’s plan’. We have learned to blame everyone and everything, and yet there is one place we never considered – ourselves.

We fear to change ourselves, so we accept the justifications that it’s someone/something else out there that is causing all the problems. Yet it’s not changing ourselves that keeps us in the same situations, the same problems and never finding solutions to what’s here, because we haven’t realized ourselves as the cause, haven’t realized that we in fact create what is here and are responsible for what manifests in this world. Since we’ve always avoided looking at ourselves, we have no idea who we are and how we’re creating what’s here. We’ve never taken the time and actually got to know ourselves, to understand how we’re responsible for what’s here and what the consequences and outflows are of who and what we live as.

We don’t understand how this world works, because we have separated ourselves from it, within separating ourself from ourself in not knowing/understanding/realizing ourselves and thus how we create this world, through accepting and allowing it to exist as it does and how we participate in it. It’s through this that we think/believe that the world can’t be changed, and thus how some will manifest the desire for it to simply all be ‘washed away’ within some cataclysmic event, such as being destroyed by a comet, since no other possible solution is seen.

Whether a comet is going to come and destroy the earth is actually irrelevant. Disasters are going on all around the world all the time – yet we’re still accepting living within a system in which we’re all enslaved, completely taking life for granted, with many too busy surviving to be able to even appreciate life here in the physical – how can you appreciate life when it’s been made into a torture? We’ve allowed life to be such a misery for so many, that some even desire it all to end, and thousands are committing suicide every year.

One reason we entertain such an idea is that if a comet were to come and destroy the whole earth in 2012, we then wouldn’t have to face the mess that we’ve created here, it would all just be ‘washed away’. But this obviously solves nothing – we’re back to the beginning again, and no better off in understanding and being able create a world without making a mess of it by making such a mess out of ourselves. So to just hope it’s all going to just suddenly ‘disappear’ is useless as it would only make things worse. We’d have to start all over from scratch, and we’d simply manifest the same problems all over again, all the unnecessary suffering and abuse, because we wouldn’t have actually changed who we are in any way, in fact, we would just be perpetuating our habit of procrastination and not facing ourselves as/within what we create.

So rather, we should get busy investigating ourselves, and seeing how it is that we manifest a world where the vast majority of us are not living a satisfying life, busy just surviving day to day, not even able to appreciate life. Because either way, whether a comet does come and destroy the earth or not, we still must change ourself. It’s not here now, and thus it’s not relevant – not relevant to who we are and how we live. It should not matter if a comet were to come and destroy the earth – what does it imply if who we are were to change if that were to happen?

We should be living in such a way that no matter what happens, some freak accident with a comet that wipes everything out, it doesn’t matter, because we’ve lived our lives in such a way that we were satisfied. Which implies living in a world where life is supported, not where it is enslaved, where all live as equals and none are left out and not considered and allowed to suffer needlessly.

So we need to finally get down to the nitty-gritty and see exactly how it is we create this world, and actually get to know ourselves and investigate exactly how we’ve created this world and how it actually exists. We need to effectively understand ourselves and our creation so that we can stand equal to it and no longer be enslaved to a system, hoping, wishing that something might happen that’ll just ‘make it all go away’, as that’s no solution. We are the solution, we can be the solution, by coming to understand ourselves, and this is why it’s suggested to do the Desteni I Process, as that is the fundamental principle of the whole course – is to get to know oneself so that self can stand as the directive principle and assist and support oneself to stand equal to our creations as ourselves and as the world, to finally be able to manifest a world that is best for all, through becoming the living directive principle of what is best for all.


Interest Groups – WTF? FAIL

Wow- Interest Groups. We actually have various groups of which the purpose is literally to represent the interest of some in spite of others. Rather than representing interests of All Equally. Groups are then basically competing amongst each other in this system for support for their own members in disregard and separation from all other groups.

We even have a ‘theory’ about this, as if a ‘theory’ ever had anything to do with actual reality rather than just being an ‘idea‘ which we try to view the world as- rather than seeing direct what is here, no ‘theories’ necessary- and the theory is called ‘Pluralism’ or ‘interest group theory’. My textbook describes this as: “a theory of politics that contends that power is group based and that because there are multiple points of access within American government, each group possesses an equality of opportunity when competing with other groups for power and resources.” It seems odd to define it in such way as to say ‘this theory contends that..’ I mean, is it contending? and with what/who? or just in general? lol.

Interestingly, this theory comes from James Madison who had “envisioned the United States as a society in which conflict, rather than consensus, would predominate.” Is this statement meaning that he predicted it? or that he thought it should be that way? Strange. Anyway, in a Federalist Paper he “warned that U.S. citizens would be subject to the development of factions.” Factions being groups of citizens united for “some common impulse or passion that might adversely affect the rights of other citizens or the interests of the larger community.”

Madison believed that the factions were based on economic differences, that those with property and those without had different interests. Those who are creditors and debtors, manufacturers, mercantiles, etc, all divided into different classes according to their different sentiments and views.

What’s fascinating about this is to see that these ‘sentiments’ and ‘interests’ and ‘views’ are all determined by the design of one’s placement in the system. According to what ‘profession’ you have or what your ‘wealth’ status, determines what your interests are, therefore you can see that these interests are not real interests that would exist no matter what, but are only ‘superficial‘ interests that only exist within certain specific placements. Yet to a vast extent, these interests are treated as if it is the real interests of the people themselves, in spite of this fact that the interest onlyexists due to their particular predesigned system placement, and that if you changed that placement- the interests change. Therefore, its a point to see/realize/understand that when you see these interests and see some group that is fighting for these interests or you are fighting for these interest, that these interest are not in fact real interests and only exist within the particular ‘made-up’ category or position that one is in within the system.

Therefore, when we are ‘contending’ with each other for these interests- we can consider and see that it is not necessary to fight for these interests- there is also the options of changing the placements themsselves such that the interests are no longer even relevant or exist.

What we need is real interest groups whose interest is the interest of All Equally, focusing on the real interests of all life here, that which is common no matter what placement you could have in this world, this existence anywhere. Such a group or groups there’d be no contention. Who is there to contend with a group which supports the interest of All? Only those who want to support interests that work for them in spite of everyone else. Which is how it is now, every group having to compete against each other for their personal interests, and therefore in this current system if you’re not fighting for your interests, someone else is ‘getting them’, lol, which is not funny at al when you consider that the interest groups must have money to fight for their interests, therefore the poor is obviously not able to amass groups to fight for their interests, they don’t have the money, the education, the time, they don’t have fucking anything. They are totally disregarded by this system, and it’s completely unacceptable. I wouldn’t want to be born in a position like that, totally stuck and hopeless. It has not always been easy even in the position I was born in, in the elite country of the U.S.

I mean, WTF? Almost NO ONE is happy in this system. Definitely time for a CHANGE. Equal Money System!

It is so insane, this system that we have currently, the sheer ways in which it abuse. The sheer extent to which we are allowing suffering and abuse in this world.

It is so obvious that we need to simply forgive each other, let shit go, let our egos go, so that we can be here, so that we can actually enjoy being here, and can create a world that is worth living in, that is worthy of children to be born into.

It’s going to take a lot of work and consideration to clean up this colossal mess so the sooner we get started, the better. The problems are obviously not going to just go away, look around, they’re still here. Nothing we have done thus far has actually solved anything. It’s time we stop fucking around with fantasies and empty words of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and ‘light’ and ‘love’, none of that bullshit has done anything to solve any of the problems we face, and in fact that kind of bullshit is part of the problems.

It’s time to get Real and get down to business. It’s time to Stand Up and take Responsibility for what’s Here. What did we do with this Earth that is Here, providing the substance for us to be supported to live here as the physical- did we realize what a gift this is and live in gratitude and appreciation of this within our very actions? No- we abused the living shit out of it. We’ve spited ourself to the utmost, by spiting the very thing which allows us to exist here, and unfortunately, we continue to do so.

This is so unacceptable, I will do whatever it takes and whatever I can to Stand up and face these points of abuse to stop them, as this is not what life should be, at all. I dedicate my life to this process, of bringing about equality- Equality where everyone has Equal Quality of Life- where No One has Less ‘quality’ than another- that is simply unacceptable- have a look- would you want to have Less Quality than another? NO, you would not. So obviously, no one would. And any excuse that says for some reason some should have less than you, is ego, and is fucked up, and you do not deserve to be a human being living on this planet. If you cannot get along with others, if you cannot ‘love thy neighbor’ as yourself- then get out. Come back when you realize what it means to live in and share a world with other beings and that those beings are equal to you in the right to have a life, in the right to have a chance in life to actually live and express themself as who they really are, and then you too will have that right.

So, I’ve just studied the point of how the mass media influences politics, in terms of shaping public opinions and manipulating perceptions. What’s fascinating to me is that this is all explained quite clearly in my textbook, how many people have had access to this information and none stood up and said- wtf- this is unacceptable?

Sometimes it seems to me like we are living in some kind of ‘bizarro’ world- where even though we know better, we actually still have wars. We still have people starving to death. People being murdered and tortured. Animal being extensively abused. It’s as if we are stuck in some gigantic time-loop, where we’re still repeating the past like a broken record, a cd that keeps skipping, never actually changing in a way that has a Real and Lasting effect. Everything that’s ever existed still does- and this proves that we have simply not changed or improved or evolved in any way.

For a homework assignment, I had to research and compare television advertisements for presidential campaigns over the years. It was quite interesting to see how the techniques have not changed in the sense of the underlying tactics used, but they have certainly upgraded in terms of, obviously, the technology available, and the points being manipulated have become somewhat more complex, drawing on more emotional/feeling relationships that’s been built between the past and now. There simply exists more ‘material’ to use now, than there was then. For the assignment, I used a site called “The Living room Candidate“, which contains a collection of videos of campaign ads through the years.

Fascinating to see how we are literally brainwashed, literally mind controlled through the various points of the media- as the different media outlets serve as portals straight into the minds of people, where information can be directly downloaded and thus if you control what information is in the media, you can control people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s quite disturbing what this indicates. And if you have a look at the types of techniques used to manipulate human consciousness- it shows quite perfectly why it is a fuckup to be of consciousness systems- because it is in fact through the mind system that such manipulation is able to occur.

In an Equal Money System, this kind of manipulation won’t be tolerated, and in fact, would be irrelevant. If all people are provided with the means with which to survive- then they will no longer be ale to be swayed by campaign tactics of how you need to vote for such and such because he is going to be the ‘hero which saves you from all the problems in world’- because the problems will be solved, and therefore positions of high office like president will simply be a matter of administration, and no longer this point of ‘leadership’ wherein we seek someone to ‘lead us’ ‘to the promise land’, so to speak. Wherein people are educated and supported to no longer be susceptible to such manipulation by the media.

What’s so insane, is that through these techniques of manipulation, the population is mind controlled to vote for candidates who will not serve the interest of all, but will actually serve the interest of those who paid for them and supported them to get elected, which is a minority. And thus, we do not have a Democracy because we do not have a government that actually represents the people. I’m pretty sure that ‘a system of government in which power is exercised by the people” doesn’t mean ‘just some of the people’.

Vote for a Real Democracy and Stand Up for an Equal Money System- wherein all will have a ‘voice’ to be heard and we will have a government that actually ‘represents the people’.

One Man, One Vote = Real Democracy = Equal Money System

Last year I participated as a volunteer in a campaign for a local politician. I had never done anything like this before, and it was quite fascinating to get a ‘inside’ look at how a political campaign operate. Some of the work I did was ‘canvasing’ which I never actually knew it was called that until then, and in case you don’t know either, it is the ‘going door-to-door’ part of the typical campaign process, wherein you knock on people’s doors, poll them about who they plan to vote for, discuss the candidate you are representing, and hand out fliers.

This was a fascinating point to push- as I literally found myself sitting in my car in neighborhood I’d never been in, holding a clipboard with sheets of names and houses of those who I was to visit and the questions to ask and record their answers, the last time I’d gone door-to-door was when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old selling Girl Scout cookies. I had doubts and fears coming up, that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I was going to fail miserably, afraid to actually knock on people’s doors and then possibly have them answer, and then! have to talk to them.. But I was not going to accept or validate these points. I knew it didn’t ‘matter’ if I did this or not, but yet, it did matter from the perspective of pushing myself through the resistance, to ‘prove’ to myself that I could do it, that the fears and doubts are just bullshit trying to limit me.

I also faced points of self judgment, wherein I’d defined this activity as ‘stupid’ or that’s not quite it, what’s a better way to put it, hmm, I’m not sure, but like ‘something I wouldn’t do” because it is “rude”? no, not quite.. but like a “why would you or who would want to do that”? “Who would want to be that involved in politics because that is not something that someone like me would be into, or that any normal human would care about”- Lol, what a bunch of B.S. All programming from my life’s experiences, environment, etc. “Political Socialization” like I talked about in a recent vlog.

I remember one house I stopped at, in a neighborhood that was obviously not at all wealthy, and the lady whom I was to speak to was on her way out and she didn’t have time to speak me, (it didn’t seem like she was much interested to either), but looking at that situation, I see that it’s kind of ironic, in a very unfortunate way, that those who are not much benefiting from the system, are often too busy to get involved in it, and thus be able to affect change that WOULD benefit them. So many people are really stuck in this catch-22 situation. Quite a fuck-up. Because in our current system, it’s a competition to get the laws to be designed to favor you in spite of others, doing what you can to keep those ‘others’ from being able to do anything about it. Quite Sadistic, Dis-eased behavior.

I have seen this play out in so many ways, this point where one does not have the time to do things effectively or that is supportive for oneself, and to work toward actually Changing the System so that they are Not too Busy to deal with what Matters. I have been in that same boat, I speak from experience, and it’s quite fucked up, and thus I will do what I can, since now I find myself not stuck in that ‘catch-22’ situation, and I AM actually able to do something. It’s up to us that CAN, because obviously, those that Can’t ain’t gonna do it. When I apply the Equality Equation here, and consider that I did not want to be stuck in that shitty situation where I am unable to do anything to better my life- then No One would want that, thus the solution is to Do what it takes, so that that kind of situation No Longer Exist, Anywhere, Ever Again. Thus we stand up and change this system to one that is Supportive- Equal Money System– and give ourselves the Time for what Really Matters.

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