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I posted this in response to some comments about a blog post from the blog Economist’s Journey to Life, which you can read here: Day 137: Greece: The Birth and Death of Democracy. And I do suggest to read it, as it’s a really great post taking a look at a documentary (which you’ll find linked there) exposing the effects of Privatization within the situation that is now taking place in European countries like Greece. My response is in regards to the point mentioned toward the end of the blog post, which mentions that there is a way out of the economic problems going on in the world, and it’s not so much a ‘way out’ as it is a ‘way in’ – as it’s to get into the Political system, and correct the system from within. This received some comments in response, where this blog post was posted on Reddit, in which the point of ‘the system is corrupt and thus you can’t use it or be a part of it without also being corrupted” is brought up as a reason/justification to not get involved in the political system. I decided to share my response here on my blog, to share these perspectives for consideration and to educate as to the current situation we’re facing, and the opportunity we have currently available to make change, and why it is that this change must currently come through becoming involved in the political system.

“Changing the system from without has been tested. If you study history of revolts you see none has made a real change for a better world as we still exist in worldwide wage-slavery, poverty, starvation, war exist, and more atrocities, more than ever. The system is too big to change from the outside, and people’s ‘livelihoods’ are directly attached to the system, and that’s why there is always plenty to defend the system against those that would stand against it, which is always a small percentage, as most are way too afraid and choose to stick with the relative comfort of the system. This is why militaries/armies exist, because people are desperate for financial security and so can be paid to kill each other. Thus why any revolt that stands out as a threat to the system-supporting public, is going to get ‘put down’. It’s just like how a human being immune system function, anything that ‘stands out’ as a threat to the bodily system, gets attacked and ‘immunized’. The system as it is has been placed in such a way that we could work within it to produce change, and that is why it was done this way, so it could be said that we had our opportunity, and thus we have chosen things the way they are. This is why politics has been played as something you want to have no part in, as that is exactly where change can happen, and does happen, through extensive lobbying, where the major industries use their collective wealth to pay for lobbyists to get laws made in their favor, and the employees of such interest group are happy with that as it supports/protects their method of income. So you can start to see if you haven’t already, just how ‘interconnected’ we are with the system, as it’s the system we currently live off of, and depend on for our survival, and thus why it will be and has been protected at all costs if it is openly attacked. Thus the only solution currently is to get into a position in the system where you can have an impact and change it from within or be squished like a little bug. Those in positions of power got there not by doing only what they wanted to or felt good about, but by doing what it took, thus we have to be equal in our determination to do what it takes, and not get stuck on how we’d like to do it, and thus never end up taking the actions necessary to make a difference. This non-violent option of utilizing the system to change it from within is the option that is here, and we don’t know how long this window will be open, where we have a chance to make a change, and without bloodshed and violence. It’s not likely we’ll get a better option than this.”

Within this, one can also get involved with the formulation of the policies that are being developed within the Equal Money System, which is the economic system being developed from the ground up on the principle of supporting and caring for all of life, leaving no one out. This is the future of politics, where politics will be decided and implemented by the people, which actually cares for the people and all of life here, as nature and the animals, as our survival depends on this earth and our environment, and our quality of life is directly linked to the quality of all life here.

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While learning about history in school, I just knew there was something missing- I mean- it’s kind of obvious- all sorts of atrocities are mentioned, but there is never really adequate explanation as to why or how these things came to take place.

The way history is taught now, it kind of leaves you with the impression that some people just like to be oppressed- in fact, that the VAST MAJORITY of people seem to prefer to exist with just barely getting enough to survive living and working in poor conditions.

A little common sense goes a long way here- to realize that if you were being oppressed or abused, you want to do whatever you could to stop it- and the times in your life where you have been oppressed or abused are when there was nothing you could do about it- like if 4 guys beat you up in a back alley- you had no choice but to be beaten- so how our history is currently taught- the guys that beat you up would then go and tell everyone that you actually wanted to be beat up and it was your responsibility to stop it. Yeah- you can see how ridiculous this is.

Which brings me to my point- which is that our history has been taught from a perspective of justifying the abuse and oppression of the majority of the population, when we all know in common sense that no one would actually want to live that way. Yet we have trusted the ‘professionals’, the professors, and the textbooks, the media- however, in this system in which only a very few have the power, because they have the money, the schools, the media, the information that is taught and presented to people is all controlled, and is deliberately manipulated and distorted in favor of protecting the current system and those who profit from it.

However, it is possible to find out what really happened, from the perspective of the people, and how things have really got to be how they are now- why so many are oppressed and suffering.  A book called “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn gives a really thorough and effective explanation of what actually happened in the history of the U.S., of the pivotal events that took place- I was totally shocked in the staggering difference between the actual perspectives that is shared in this book, it becomes abundantly obvious that what we are taught in schools is so obviously one-sided and on the side that favors those in power. I so highly recommend all to read this book- you will actually be interested to be learning about history.

Reading this book, I realized a major part of the reason why I hadn’t been interested to learn about history in the past, was that it never really made sense, because you could always tell, there was a lot left out that simply was not explained and thus not much made sense, and learning history was actually quite depressing- as it basically served to tell you what your place was, and that’s just the way things are, and if you have a problem with it it means you’re lazy.

You can get this book in audio format as well- but no matter which way you read it/hear it, I suggest that you do- so you can get some perspective on what really went on to get to where we are now- it will give you much more of a clearer perspective on what is going on today in this world even now- the very issues at hand today- labor unions, immigration, inequality, etc. And through this understanding, you empower yourself to be able to understand what is going on, and can begin to see what the solution is, which is for us to stand up and stop allowing this oppression to continue, that this is not the way things ‘just are’ or ‘must be’, but have been very deliberately made to be this way through the use of force- yet, we have quite a good opportunity to change this system now through the political process that’s been established, that’s currently utilized by those seeking to oppress the many to profit from their labor.

Therefore, I highly suggest to read this book “A People’s History of the United States”, so you can get a clear picture of our history and how the political system has ‘evolved’ and thus you’ll better understand how it can be utilized and changed. It is just like this with anything- you can’t really change the design of a car until you fully understand how the car works, what the parts are and what they do, etc.

“A People’s History of the United States” is a Must Read for anyone who is an activist and stands up for Equal Rights for All and a world without suffering.

Within this account of history it’s abundantly clear that we require a new system which is based on Equality for All- that that is the only real solution we have currently, to be able to stop the oppression and abuse taking place all over the world. So, in addition to reading this book, I suggest to investigate the Equal Money System as well- as it will be the key to finally putting an end to this abuse and exploitation that’s been going on for eons.

The Fifteenth Amendment states that: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not bedenied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”


It did not say: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by anyone, for any reason or on any basis, whatsoever.”


Thus, the Fifteenth Amendment was not created to unconditionally protect everyone’s right to vote. For example, ‘poll taxes’ could be placed, which required one to pay to vote, thus this was used as a tactic to keep out those who could not afford to pay, such as those who are poor and minorities.



The right to vote should be an equal right to everyone, everywhere.The restriction of voting rights has alway sbeen done out of self interest of those ‘in control’ wanting to remain in positions of power and ‘privilege’ at the expense of others, which is, of course, unacceptable. It also is quite stupid, when one consider that to attempt to ‘suppress’ others, is only going to result in outbursts, such as the recent riots have shown. I we simply stop suppressing and oppressing, and establish equal living for all to have a dignified life, everyone will be satisfied, and there will be no outbursts, no fighting, rebelling, etc. Simple Common Sense. Investigate Equal Money – it’s the Key to Peace on Earth.


So, I’ve just studied the point of how the mass media influences politics, in terms of shaping public opinions and manipulating perceptions. What’s fascinating to me is that this is all explained quite clearly in my textbook, how many people have had access to this information and none stood up and said- wtf- this is unacceptable?

Sometimes it seems to me like we are living in some kind of ‘bizarro’ world- where even though we know better, we actually still have wars. We still have people starving to death. People being murdered and tortured. Animal being extensively abused. It’s as if we are stuck in some gigantic time-loop, where we’re still repeating the past like a broken record, a cd that keeps skipping, never actually changing in a way that has a Real and Lasting effect. Everything that’s ever existed still does- and this proves that we have simply not changed or improved or evolved in any way.

For a homework assignment, I had to research and compare television advertisements for presidential campaigns over the years. It was quite interesting to see how the techniques have not changed in the sense of the underlying tactics used, but they have certainly upgraded in terms of, obviously, the technology available, and the points being manipulated have become somewhat more complex, drawing on more emotional/feeling relationships that’s been built between the past and now. There simply exists more ‘material’ to use now, than there was then. For the assignment, I used a site called “The Living room Candidate“, which contains a collection of videos of campaign ads through the years.

Fascinating to see how we are literally brainwashed, literally mind controlled through the various points of the media- as the different media outlets serve as portals straight into the minds of people, where information can be directly downloaded and thus if you control what information is in the media, you can control people’s perceptions, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s quite disturbing what this indicates. And if you have a look at the types of techniques used to manipulate human consciousness- it shows quite perfectly why it is a fuckup to be of consciousness systems- because it is in fact through the mind system that such manipulation is able to occur.

In an Equal Money System, this kind of manipulation won’t be tolerated, and in fact, would be irrelevant. If all people are provided with the means with which to survive- then they will no longer be ale to be swayed by campaign tactics of how you need to vote for such and such because he is going to be the ‘hero which saves you from all the problems in world’- because the problems will be solved, and therefore positions of high office like president will simply be a matter of administration, and no longer this point of ‘leadership’ wherein we seek someone to ‘lead us’ ‘to the promise land’, so to speak. Wherein people are educated and supported to no longer be susceptible to such manipulation by the media.

What’s so insane, is that through these techniques of manipulation, the population is mind controlled to vote for candidates who will not serve the interest of all, but will actually serve the interest of those who paid for them and supported them to get elected, which is a minority. And thus, we do not have a Democracy because we do not have a government that actually represents the people. I’m pretty sure that ‘a system of government in which power is exercised by the people” doesn’t mean ‘just some of the people’.

Vote for a Real Democracy and Stand Up for an Equal Money System- wherein all will have a ‘voice’ to be heard and we will have a government that actually ‘represents the people’.

One Man, One Vote = Real Democracy = Equal Money System

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