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Security systems and the various methods we humans employ to keep our ‘belongings’ and such ‘safe’ from each other have become so accepted and taken for granted that we don’t even stop to consider just how strange it is that such things are actually required – due to the current manifestation of our reality as one in which we actually keep things from one another and have accepted and allowed a system in which not everyone has access to the things in life that one needs or that makes life an enjoyable experience.

Do we ever stop to consider – Why do we have locks on doors? Why do we lock our cars? Why don’t we leave things unattended out in public? Why do people steal things? Yet when we do ask ourself this – we’ll tell ourself that ‘that’s just the way it is’ – some people are ‘bad’ and they steal things. We say this in ignorance of how our system actually functions – and how we’re actually creating this existence in such a way that many don’t have access to what’s here, because they don’t have money. They weren’t born into a position of financial support where they had the money to participate the same as everyone else – and thus they are essentially disregarded. Because we’ve accepted money as the currency that one require to be able to have access to things in this world – even to simply get the most basic needs that a human being requires to survive in this reality.

Look at your life and at all the things you’ve had access to because you had the money and imagine going through your life without those things – how would your life be different? What would your life be like? Or what has your life been like because you didn’t have access to the things you needed or that would have improved your life? What if you didn’t have access to an education? Or a car?

I mean, it’s pretty obvious why people would be driven to ‘steal’ things. Because they want that which might make their life better – everyone wants that – and it makes sense because wouldn’t you want to live to the fullest of your potential here, no one actually wants to be left out and not have access to what’s here.  And when someone has the opportunity to improve their quality of living standard – they’re going to weigh the risk and the possible benefit and some will take the gamble and some won’t, and still some will be too desperate they will not practically have a choice. When it comes down to getting what you need to survive in this world, you going to do whatever it takes for your self and your family.

So by accepting and allowing a system in which not all have access we have effectively created and guaranteed there will be those who must steal from others simply to exist here. So it follows that if we create a new system in which all have equal access – meaning none has less access than another – then this would practically eliminate the majority of theft that takes place as a ‘normal’ part of the current economic system. This would then mean – no longer having to make certain you’ve locked your doors, no more having to install expensive security systems to deter people from stealing, no longer having to buy theft insurance policies even, as there will simply no longer be a threat that your things might be stolen. Since everyone will have equal access to what’s here and no one will anymore be left out and ‘left wanting’.

Thus, in an Equal Money System, we’ll actually be able to live with one another and start to trust each other for the first time – and effectively end the fear of loss of having something of ours stolen – because there is no urge to steal something if you can already get it without stealing it – without having to take the risk involved with trying to steal something from another.

That’s a pretty simple obvious point and yet for the most part we just lock our doors and never give it another thought, so it’s imperative that we now realize that we can create another system, one that actually makes sense, because it’s based on supporting us as humanity to live here in the best way possible – and all of humanity equally – not only just a few, but all-included, because it’s when some are left out and not considered that we manifest a world in which we can’t trust each other and are forced to go into competition with one another- rather than manifesting a world together which is the best it can be.

In the Equal Money System all are considered and we can finally reduce crime, the majority of which is theft related, and can get down to some real living and enjoying ourselves in the things that matter – life will no longer be a competition with one another but we’ll be free to express ourselves as humanity as one being that cooperate and exist in harmony and as the stewards of this earth.


Ah- more discussion on the ever-ridiculous ‘Debt Ceiling’ fiasco- discussing how it is irrelevant- how value within our current system is not equality-based and how this lead to abuse and exploitation of ourselves- and what is the solution to this mess. Have a listen.


In this vlog I share some perspectives on the Debt Ceiling issue the U.S. is currently facing- what is really going on, what is the real consequence of our current Capitalist system, and what is the Solution- Equal Money- check it out at: http://equalmoney.org.

While learning about history in school, I just knew there was something missing- I mean- it’s kind of obvious- all sorts of atrocities are mentioned, but there is never really adequate explanation as to why or how these things came to take place.

The way history is taught now, it kind of leaves you with the impression that some people just like to be oppressed- in fact, that the VAST MAJORITY of people seem to prefer to exist with just barely getting enough to survive living and working in poor conditions.

A little common sense goes a long way here- to realize that if you were being oppressed or abused, you want to do whatever you could to stop it- and the times in your life where you have been oppressed or abused are when there was nothing you could do about it- like if 4 guys beat you up in a back alley- you had no choice but to be beaten- so how our history is currently taught- the guys that beat you up would then go and tell everyone that you actually wanted to be beat up and it was your responsibility to stop it. Yeah- you can see how ridiculous this is.

Which brings me to my point- which is that our history has been taught from a perspective of justifying the abuse and oppression of the majority of the population, when we all know in common sense that no one would actually want to live that way. Yet we have trusted the ‘professionals’, the professors, and the textbooks, the media- however, in this system in which only a very few have the power, because they have the money, the schools, the media, the information that is taught and presented to people is all controlled, and is deliberately manipulated and distorted in favor of protecting the current system and those who profit from it.

However, it is possible to find out what really happened, from the perspective of the people, and how things have really got to be how they are now- why so many are oppressed and suffering.  A book called “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn gives a really thorough and effective explanation of what actually happened in the history of the U.S., of the pivotal events that took place- I was totally shocked in the staggering difference between the actual perspectives that is shared in this book, it becomes abundantly obvious that what we are taught in schools is so obviously one-sided and on the side that favors those in power. I so highly recommend all to read this book- you will actually be interested to be learning about history.

Reading this book, I realized a major part of the reason why I hadn’t been interested to learn about history in the past, was that it never really made sense, because you could always tell, there was a lot left out that simply was not explained and thus not much made sense, and learning history was actually quite depressing- as it basically served to tell you what your place was, and that’s just the way things are, and if you have a problem with it it means you’re lazy.

You can get this book in audio format as well- but no matter which way you read it/hear it, I suggest that you do- so you can get some perspective on what really went on to get to where we are now- it will give you much more of a clearer perspective on what is going on today in this world even now- the very issues at hand today- labor unions, immigration, inequality, etc. And through this understanding, you empower yourself to be able to understand what is going on, and can begin to see what the solution is, which is for us to stand up and stop allowing this oppression to continue, that this is not the way things ‘just are’ or ‘must be’, but have been very deliberately made to be this way through the use of force- yet, we have quite a good opportunity to change this system now through the political process that’s been established, that’s currently utilized by those seeking to oppress the many to profit from their labor.

Therefore, I highly suggest to read this book “A People’s History of the United States”, so you can get a clear picture of our history and how the political system has ‘evolved’ and thus you’ll better understand how it can be utilized and changed. It is just like this with anything- you can’t really change the design of a car until you fully understand how the car works, what the parts are and what they do, etc.

“A People’s History of the United States” is a Must Read for anyone who is an activist and stands up for Equal Rights for All and a world without suffering.

Within this account of history it’s abundantly clear that we require a new system which is based on Equality for All- that that is the only real solution we have currently, to be able to stop the oppression and abuse taking place all over the world. So, in addition to reading this book, I suggest to investigate the Equal Money System as well- as it will be the key to finally putting an end to this abuse and exploitation that’s been going on for eons.

The Fifteenth Amendment states that: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not bedenied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”


It did not say: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by anyone, for any reason or on any basis, whatsoever.”


Thus, the Fifteenth Amendment was not created to unconditionally protect everyone’s right to vote. For example, ‘poll taxes’ could be placed, which required one to pay to vote, thus this was used as a tactic to keep out those who could not afford to pay, such as those who are poor and minorities.



The right to vote should be an equal right to everyone, everywhere.The restriction of voting rights has alway sbeen done out of self interest of those ‘in control’ wanting to remain in positions of power and ‘privilege’ at the expense of others, which is, of course, unacceptable. It also is quite stupid, when one consider that to attempt to ‘suppress’ others, is only going to result in outbursts, such as the recent riots have shown. I we simply stop suppressing and oppressing, and establish equal living for all to have a dignified life, everyone will be satisfied, and there will be no outbursts, no fighting, rebelling, etc. Simple Common Sense. Investigate Equal Money – it’s the Key to Peace on Earth.


Everywhere you look, there is Glaring examples of how we have Completely, Utterly failed to understand what ‘Equality’ means.


Time to go back to kindergarten and re-learn basic math, because this is simple 1+1=2 kind of stuff, that we’ve completely missed. I mean, this is really one Big F-up.


For example, I heard this story on the radio today:


Colby Bohannan, a student at Texas State University, was having trouble finding a scholarship that he and his friends were eligible for, being white males. So, he created an organization called the “Former Majority Association for Equality” which offers grants Exclusively to Caucasian men.


Now, if you are giving/doing something that only applies to ‘Some’ and doesn’t apply to ‘Others’, that is not Equality. Equality is All-Inclusive, otherwise, it’s not Equal it’s that Simple.


This is but one example- there are MANY. And obviously there are, obviously we’ve not yet understood this point, of what Equality is, otherwise we’d be Living It. We would have Equality, and we do Not- We have total In-Equality, despite those that claim that they support Equality- because it’s never been about Actual Equality- that’s All-Inclusive– it’s been always self-interest, even if it wasn’t realized. We have so many groups which claim to stand for Equality, but they are in fact only supporting themselves- they try to ‘fight’ for ‘equality’ against those who are not treating them equally, which only makes their ‘opponents’ fight back even harder or disregard them even more.


There’s no need to have scholarships exclusively to any particular group, there’s no need to have scholarships at all in fact, only in this current capitalist system where not all can afford an education, and many can’t even afford their basic needs, do things like ‘scholarships’ even have relevance. In an Equal Money System, Education will be available to all equally– thus there will be no need for any interest groups protecting their own separate interests from one another. All will be Supported Unconditionally. That is Real Equality.


Investigate Equal Money.


In looking at the points of how, basically, the Democratic party supports Federal Government and the Republican Party supports State ‘Sovereignty’, what I see within this is that it’s like a fight over which has ‘power’, or where the ‘power’ is placed.


Now, what I see is that it should not be about ‘power’ at all, but rather a point of, as it’s supposed to be, simple administration. If it was not set up to be about who has the ‘power’ to be able to ‘manipulate’ the system to their benefit in separation from the rest, then nobody would give a fuck about whether we have ‘more federal gov’t’ or ‘more state government’ as it would not be relevant in terms of one or the other ‘getting’ having power’, thus we could decide how much to have of what, based on simple actual practicality, based on simply what is needed and what is effective.


When we have a system that’s based on Equality, this will be the case, as in an Equality system, No One has the Power because ALL have the Power, because All are considered Equally, and thus None is Left Out, thus No One loses, No One is abused for the sake of another to Gain from their Loss, as it is in the current Capitalist system.


Interest Groups will no longer exist in an Equality-based System. It will not be necessary to go to such effort to fight amongst each other for separate interests. We will have an Equality based system, it is what is best for all, best for life here, thus it makes sense. It makes no sense whatsoever to have a system that allows and necessitates abuse. It’s a no-brainer.


As it is now, all do not have equal representation in interest groups, because it takes money to have interest groups, and not all have money. Many do not. This is even shown in my textbook on American Government. The textbook also mentions a theory called ‘Pluralism’ which theorizes that this system of ‘interest groups’ somehow balances itself out and somehow everyone gets equal representation, which is obviously complete bullshit that you can see simply by the fact that if that was so, then nobody would be suffering or in shitty situations, obviously there is not equal representation of everyone’s interests. Just look at a newspaper- how often do you hear about the poor who are suffering every day, every moment? What is the main interests being served? those with money, which is most often businesses, thus our government serves businesses and not people, life.


So currently we’ve all these separate group interests with their own separate ‘stances’ as what they support, and what they support of course is only the furthering of only that group, and thus the world and everything is only considered by that group from that point- in separation from the whole, and disregarding the effects of the particular group’s ‘interests’ on the whole.


Such as GE begrudgingly paying for cleanup of the Hudson Bay. Their interest is only the furthering of their group, as is written into corporate charters, that the company must act in the interest of profit/shareholders, thus they do not take responsibility for the outflows and consequences on the world as a whole of their group. This will have to change so that we don’t obliterate this planet as a result of such Idiocy. All groups will be responsible for considering what’s best for All, and ones that don’t will not be allowed.


Since currently, a group is literally ‘out for itself’, this necessitates all other groups to create their own interest groups, in order to fight the other interest groups! Lol, wtf. What a waste of time and energy- Because if we simply all consider what’s best for all, what’s in the interest of all, there is no fighting, no one to fight, nothing to fight for- wow, simplicity and common sense.


In an Equality System, when Administrative decisions are here to be made, it will simply be a matter of applying the equality equation, to see what action will be best for all, and then doing that. Laws will not be allowed which only consider/apply to some and do not apply to all equally.


In an Equality System, there will be One Interest Group – It will Be All-Inclusive and will Support and Act according to what is in the Best Interest of All Life Here.


Interest Groups – WTF? FAIL

Wow- Interest Groups. We actually have various groups of which the purpose is literally to represent the interest of some in spite of others. Rather than representing interests of All Equally. Groups are then basically competing amongst each other in this system for support for their own members in disregard and separation from all other groups.

We even have a ‘theory’ about this, as if a ‘theory’ ever had anything to do with actual reality rather than just being an ‘idea‘ which we try to view the world as- rather than seeing direct what is here, no ‘theories’ necessary- and the theory is called ‘Pluralism’ or ‘interest group theory’. My textbook describes this as: “a theory of politics that contends that power is group based and that because there are multiple points of access within American government, each group possesses an equality of opportunity when competing with other groups for power and resources.” It seems odd to define it in such way as to say ‘this theory contends that..’ I mean, is it contending? and with what/who? or just in general? lol.

Interestingly, this theory comes from James Madison who had “envisioned the United States as a society in which conflict, rather than consensus, would predominate.” Is this statement meaning that he predicted it? or that he thought it should be that way? Strange. Anyway, in a Federalist Paper he “warned that U.S. citizens would be subject to the development of factions.” Factions being groups of citizens united for “some common impulse or passion that might adversely affect the rights of other citizens or the interests of the larger community.”

Madison believed that the factions were based on economic differences, that those with property and those without had different interests. Those who are creditors and debtors, manufacturers, mercantiles, etc, all divided into different classes according to their different sentiments and views.

What’s fascinating about this is to see that these ‘sentiments’ and ‘interests’ and ‘views’ are all determined by the design of one’s placement in the system. According to what ‘profession’ you have or what your ‘wealth’ status, determines what your interests are, therefore you can see that these interests are not real interests that would exist no matter what, but are only ‘superficial‘ interests that only exist within certain specific placements. Yet to a vast extent, these interests are treated as if it is the real interests of the people themselves, in spite of this fact that the interest onlyexists due to their particular predesigned system placement, and that if you changed that placement- the interests change. Therefore, its a point to see/realize/understand that when you see these interests and see some group that is fighting for these interests or you are fighting for these interest, that these interest are not in fact real interests and only exist within the particular ‘made-up’ category or position that one is in within the system.

Therefore, when we are ‘contending’ with each other for these interests- we can consider and see that it is not necessary to fight for these interests- there is also the options of changing the placements themsselves such that the interests are no longer even relevant or exist.

What we need is real interest groups whose interest is the interest of All Equally, focusing on the real interests of all life here, that which is common no matter what placement you could have in this world, this existence anywhere. Such a group or groups there’d be no contention. Who is there to contend with a group which supports the interest of All? Only those who want to support interests that work for them in spite of everyone else. Which is how it is now, every group having to compete against each other for their personal interests, and therefore in this current system if you’re not fighting for your interests, someone else is ‘getting them’, lol, which is not funny at al when you consider that the interest groups must have money to fight for their interests, therefore the poor is obviously not able to amass groups to fight for their interests, they don’t have the money, the education, the time, they don’t have fucking anything. They are totally disregarded by this system, and it’s completely unacceptable. I wouldn’t want to be born in a position like that, totally stuck and hopeless. It has not always been easy even in the position I was born in, in the elite country of the U.S.

I mean, WTF? Almost NO ONE is happy in this system. Definitely time for a CHANGE. Equal Money System!

It is so insane, this system that we have currently, the sheer ways in which it abuse. The sheer extent to which we are allowing suffering and abuse in this world.

It is so obvious that we need to simply forgive each other, let shit go, let our egos go, so that we can be here, so that we can actually enjoy being here, and can create a world that is worth living in, that is worthy of children to be born into.

It’s going to take a lot of work and consideration to clean up this colossal mess so the sooner we get started, the better. The problems are obviously not going to just go away, look around, they’re still here. Nothing we have done thus far has actually solved anything. It’s time we stop fucking around with fantasies and empty words of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and ‘light’ and ‘love’, none of that bullshit has done anything to solve any of the problems we face, and in fact that kind of bullshit is part of the problems.

It’s time to get Real and get down to business. It’s time to Stand Up and take Responsibility for what’s Here. What did we do with this Earth that is Here, providing the substance for us to be supported to live here as the physical- did we realize what a gift this is and live in gratitude and appreciation of this within our very actions? No- we abused the living shit out of it. We’ve spited ourself to the utmost, by spiting the very thing which allows us to exist here, and unfortunately, we continue to do so.

This is so unacceptable, I will do whatever it takes and whatever I can to Stand up and face these points of abuse to stop them, as this is not what life should be, at all. I dedicate my life to this process, of bringing about equality- Equality where everyone has Equal Quality of Life- where No One has Less ‘quality’ than another- that is simply unacceptable- have a look- would you want to have Less Quality than another? NO, you would not. So obviously, no one would. And any excuse that says for some reason some should have less than you, is ego, and is fucked up, and you do not deserve to be a human being living on this planet. If you cannot get along with others, if you cannot ‘love thy neighbor’ as yourself- then get out. Come back when you realize what it means to live in and share a world with other beings and that those beings are equal to you in the right to have a life, in the right to have a chance in life to actually live and express themself as who they really are, and then you too will have that right.

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