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In a video I just recently listened to on YouTube put out by the so-called group ‘Anonymous’- a group which is taking on a ‘active civil disobedience’ stance toward the current system- a narrator is passionately saying “you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers…” (of the machine that is the system) cause you’ve got to “make it stop”. Assuredly, this is going to rile some people up, they will get an energetic charge as they listen to this and the charge will build up within them and they will feel ‘driven’ to take some sort of action, whatever it is, whatever is being suggested and implied as the action that will effectively release that charge, which here is being suggested as ‘putting your body on the machine’ basically ‘stopping the machine’ is the goal- as if that is going to solve problems somehow, solve anything. But- If anonymous was a threat to the system, the system would simply take them out- anonymous is actually providing the perfect justification to impose further controls, therefore it is doing just what those in power would like and it is left alone to do its thing.

Now, you need the ‘machine’ to live currently, and even if you’re one of the extreme few who have found a way to apparently live ‘off the grid’, the vast majority of those dependent on the system has not and you are calling for their death and suffering, and the death and suffering of their families as well- because they require the system to live, and likely you and your family are existing off of the current system right now too. It’s how you get your food, water, electricity, house, car, clothes, computer, education, etc- and currently there exists no alternative- there is no effective alternate way in place and available to people so that they can let the current system go.

So, Anonymous is calling for action against the system that most utilize to survive without offering a solution that will deal with the fact that if the system stopped now, there will be extensive suffering. This is exactly the type of situation where, if you’ll look at history, if you’re familiar with U.S. history- this is exactly how action is justified to be taken against a rebelling faction- you have a faction that ‘rises up’ to try to rebel and to threaten the system but which most of the citizenship still is supported by to live, and thus you are threatening the survival and safety of the general public- and this is how action is justified to use whatever force is necessary to stop the rebel action, and laws are changed to further limit civil liberties and personal freedoms.

Thus the government has already been given the adequate justification required to take action against Anonymous, if Anonymous starts doing something they actually don’t like. But currently it is working out quite well for the powers, as it provides no actual solution to change the world- because obviously ‘peaceful resistance’ is not what’s needed to change the system, the world- what’s needed is direct action to create a new system which will actually support us that does not allow for abuse as we have accepted within the current capitalistic system.

The very design of ‘resistance’ and resistance movements is just that- a design- it is a pre-designed ‘role’ which is being role-played- which takes it’s ‘cue’ from history stories and movies and television shows, where you have resistance movements, and it’s always the same design, for example with the TV show “V” you had a underground resistance movement- so this design has already been scripted and as such, you are able to then calculate what the exact result or affect is going to come from this scenario, as it’s literally been played-out many many times, over and over, in history and in our stories.

So there is really no excuse to not be able to see what the possible playouts of this movement is going to be- and that its already failed before it even began- and is only going to lead to further control and further force and further limitations imposed- the exact goals it is supposedly working against. Does Anonymous realize this? Is this actually their intended goal? Because it will be the consequence of their actions whether they realize it or not. They have taken on a big responsibility by standing up and attempting to direct this action to stop the system but they are not doing it in a way that considers everyone, and thus it will fail.

I mean, this has been done before- we are repeating our failed history over and over again, each time leading to further enslavement- these kind of movements have always provided perfect justifications for imposing limitations and taking away freedoms on the basis that they threaten the well-being of the majority- those who get their support from the system- and they will support the system because it’s how they get their lively-hood, and they will thus defend the current system out of fear for themselves and for their families for if they lose their job or the system crashes how will they survive? And so they will actually protect the abusive current system for fear of having no other way to support themselves and their loved-ones. And the government will use that as reason to take action against the much smaller movement.

I mean this is just the same that happens with disease, with viruses- it enter the body and if the body’s immune system recognize it as an attacker, it take action and destroy it, so the viruses had to evolve and over time has developed ways to not be detected as an threat to the system so that it do not set off the immune system reaction and get obliterated.

So anything that supports separation, such as this Anonymous movement, will always play into the hands of the system- because as long as your solution doesn’t consider everyone equally- as long as someone is left out- it will not work- because the ones that’s left out won’t accept it obviously- and the current abusive system can continue. Those in power simply implement further controls in the name of ‘public safety’- if these movement becomes violent and riots, as these things tend to do as they get large and harder to control the actions of the individuals acting as the group- this could turn into the perfect excuse for ‘micro-chipping’ to be implemented- so Anonymous are the actual proponents of micro-chipping- as they are busy working on speeding us up toward that end- which shows they have not considered actual solutions.

Yes the abuses taking place in the current system need to be exposed- yet Anonymous is only exposing ‘governments’ and ‘corporations’ as the ‘criminals’, so the general population points their fingers at these other ‘separate’ organizations and blames them for the abuse, and thus they get to avoid considering their own responsibility- their own part they have played in accepting and allowing and supporting the current system- as if somehow they system could exist without their participation in it- and in this we are all responsible for the current system.

To separate from the ‘governments’ and ‘corporations’ and blame them, is exactly why we’re in the mess we’re in- because we haven’t taken responsibility for ourselves- it’s like getting mad at the government because THEY didnt stop YOU from being abusive.

This is why Anonymous is not a solution- because Anonymous supports separation- while the actual solution is standing up, taking self-responsibility, and coming together to create a system which includes and supports everyone- it’s the only way that actually has a chance to work- history has proved this- we have tried every other way and they have all been within the starting point of separation- equality is the one thing we haven’t tried, ever, and it is the obvious solution and those that sought to control have done everything they could for eons to keep us from realizing the one simple solution which is equality.

Anonymous is just a echo of the past, a repetition of a history that has never worked and only led to more abuse, more limitation, more fear, more enslavement- What is required is a new system which support everyone equally- the Equal Money System is being developed based on the principle of equality and considers everyone, leaves no one out- guarantees everyone support to live and thrive- not just a few like in the current capitalist system. The Equal Money System is an actual solution that will lead to real change, it will lead to the end of poverty, of war, of deaths by preventable causes, of unnecessary suffering- the Equal Money System is the obvious solution, if Anonymous actually cares for humanity, cares for life, cares for real change for the better of all and to end all abuse- they would be calling for an Equal Money System.

How many times do we need to repeat history? And walk through manifested consequences of extensive suffering, before we’ll finally realize that we must stand up and be the solution?

Anonymous will end up being just another movement that led to further control and enslavement, it’s a pattern we’ve been repeating over and over, and has been allowed to continue as it allows the abusive system to continue- so Anonymous will not bring the end of the system, it will not bring a solution- it only promotes resisting and what you resist, persists.

It’s time to stop these endless cycles and do something real for a change- not just follow and copy the designs that’s been laid out for us within the history stories and tv and movie stories that keeps things just the way they are so we can never break free- never expand into what we could really be, but just be forever trapped in cycles. Time to break the cycles, time to LIVE. Stand up for a real solution- a New System that supports All- Equal Money.


In this vlog I share some perspectives on the Debt Ceiling issue the U.S. is currently facing- what is really going on, what is the real consequence of our current Capitalist system, and what is the Solution- Equal Money- check it out at: http://equalmoney.org.

This event and how it was handled ‘makes sense’, so to speak, within the ‘story’ which we’ve all been playing out, like the ‘roles’ or ‘parts’ we’ve been playing in this jumbo collective ‘movie’ of humanity as ‘nations’, as our nations are like giant ‘personalities’ made up of all our ‘little’ personalities. And our histories (plural because each has their own his-story) are like our ‘stories’ that we look back on as what defines us. The fact that we would celebrate such a thing, shows how little we’ve changed at all, how we still haven’t learned from our history, how we still have not yet understood the duplicity within such an action.


Throughout history, we have celebrated ‘victories’ and for all the celebrating fighting has never stopped, war has never stopped- so then what is actually being celebrated? Winning. The other side of winning is losing- within this polarity, there is no winning without someone losing. We know there is always this polarity, we learn this from sports when we’re growing up- the winner gets to feel superior and the loser inferior- and if you have had the experience of being the loser- you know that the winner do not look so cool from that angle- in fact you might want to do nasty things to him, but at the least, you see that he is not such a ‘winner’ as he thinks he is, because you see how his nature is actually spiteful, because he sees himself as ‘better’ than you- and there is nothing honorable within that, no being would want to be treated that way, or would consider that respectful. And in fact, many go to War as a reaction to that behavior, as a justification to kill another, and be happy about it.


Thus we repeat our history over and over, because we have not changed our behavior. When you place yourself in the other shoes, and see what you look like from that angle- then we can realize who we really are, what we’re really doing, what is the actual affect of our behaviors. As long as we separate ourself from ‘others’- we are creating our own enemies, which is really stupid, because we are talking about war the actuality of which is atrocities that you would not want to experience.


Not to mention that when you look at history, and follow the money, because money is used extensively within wars- you can see that wars are propagated by and for those who financially benefit from it- those with the money, control the media, those that control the media, control public opinion, all forms of emotional, logical, mental manipulation in various topics and various ways are used to engender the necessary mindsets to carry out, participate in, and support these wars.


Celebrating this just feeds those installed mindsets, and literally planting the seeds for our future to still have wars. It’s like, we’re killing our children to come. By passing on the ‘sins of the fathers’ so to speak. That it’s come to a point where we saw it necessary to kill another, is unfortunate. And the killing has done nothing to prevent the situation from happening again- I’d say when it is a certainty that no human is grown in such a way that they become abusive and harm others- that’s what to celebrate. That will be Real victory.



I’ve been learning just recently in my American History class about the period we call “Industrialization”, which was basically when we started developing and using machinery to do labor, back in the 1880’s or so. Or rather, when a few men who had money invested in some machines and set up companies where they hired workers and paid them an hourly wage to work these machines, in factories.

In their greed, they wanted to pay the workers as little as possible and had no real concern for the conditions that the workers had to work in, and this eventually led to what we call ‘Strikes’ and then ‘Unions’ were formed to fight the owners for rights for the workers, and through the strikes and revolts that took place, labor laws were created.

Here is a quote from my American History textbook, speaking about how after the first strikes that occurred by railroad workers, armories were built to protect from attacks from strikers and rioters, because strikers had looted and burned buildings.


“The need for armories signified the paradox that an industrial economy celebrated for its dynamism was also an economy brutally indifferent to the many who fell by the wayside and hence an economy that was never secure, never free of social conflict.”


So you can see the implication here is that if some are not allowed to ‘fall by the wayside’, then there will Not be Social Conflict. It really is that simple. The strikers were eventually put down by force by federal troops that were brought in. So here is a perfect example of what happens when you riot, and why it doesn’t work. Because the wealthy can buy troops to Force you, and you can’t. And since the wealthy make their money from the system as it is, that is what they will use their money to protect.

So if you put yourself in the way of commerce- you’re asking for it and you shall receive. Just look at history all over the world- no wait, that’s right, you can see this exact scenario taking place right this very moment, in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc. This Rash of Rioting and Protesting that’s been spreading like a Virus has been met with what? Force. Killing. This is no solution.

For all the Revolutions that’s taken place, there is more dying and suffering today than ever. So the solution is obviously not throwing sticks and stones at the government and saying ‘I don’t like you, I want a new Mommy’.


Fascinating that to this day, we still have not understood and realized that this method of laboring by force and separation/superiority is extremely ineffective, and of course most workers are unsatisfied with the work situations, worldwide, and the best labor does not come from people unsatisfied with what they’re doing.

But really, those who are Profiting are considering it from a perspective of, ‘how much work can I get out of these people while having them still accept and allow me to direct what is produced in my own favor?’ For them, it is about balancing the ‘unrest’ while getting as much production as they can. Quite Absurd.

Quite ridiculous, in fact, that we still allow it to continue this way, where a very few people make most of the profit of the companies which the many provide the labor for, for significantly less pay, and consideration of their well-being only so far as the law requires and is enforced.


What’s required is that those of us who can, do what we can to learn how this current system works, so that we can infiltrate this system from within, because like I said before, if the system thinks you are a threat to it, it will squash you like a little bug, and that’s the end of you, and the system goes on, in utter disregard of Life.


Therefore, the only shot we have at this, is to infiltrate- to become the system, so we can stand as the system, and purify it from within. It is much like the immune system within the human physical body- if the immune system identifies you as a virus- it goes into ‘red alert’ and will raise its army to take you down. However, there are pathogens that adapt and manage to go undetected by the immune system, and thus they are allowed to enter unscathed and unmolested. So there you see the solution, in a way, is right here within ourselves, within our cells, haha.


Stand up, learn the system, become the change, be part of the solution. Those who want to riot are looking for a ‘quick fix’, but there is no quick fix for the mess we have created here, unfortunately, and it only gets bigger, so better to get started and not hesitate. Join Desteni and participate with finding solutions to the problems we face, and be a part of the most Radical Change to ever happen in Existence.


Take part in the Desteni-I-Process where you will get life-coaching that will prepare you to be a Leader in this World so you are ready when the Time comes, to implement a new system, the Equal Money System, wherein All will be considered and No One left out, and there will be no more need to fight for rights because all our rights will already be Supported, there will be no Less and More, everyone will be ‘Equally More’ and we will All live like Millionaires.

I’m currently taking a class on American History, and reading about what’s called ‘Reconstruction’, which is the name for a period that took place between 1865-1877, in which the Southern Confederate States were reunited with the Northern Union States after the Civil War and the legal abolition of slavery.


A perspective that is given in my textbook, is that at that time, while it was becoming more normal and accepted in the North to work for wages, in the South this was seen as degrading, as to work ‘another’s’ land was seen as dependency, and working and owning your ‘own’ was seen as freedom. Therefore the freed ‘slaves’, were not all that excited to now be able to contract with the former slave owners. One South Carolina freedman responded to an offer of wage work, “I mean to own my own manhood, I’m going to own my own land.”

Quite fascinating to consider this when now across the whole country the vast majority of people are wage workers, and very few are landowners. Also, to see how we’ve formed this definition of what it means to be ‘free’, in terms of ‘ownership’, within the context of a system in which we don’t work together, and each is ‘out for himself’ and everyone has to have ‘their own’ because we don’t share, because we don’t trust each other, because we can’t in a system where each has to be ‘out for himself’. Lol, Catch-22 there, isn’t it.


There was also friction around an issue where on some plantations, the ‘planters’ would tell the men that their wives and children couldn’t live with them unless they also worked in the fields.


Quite fascinating when you consider that in many cases nowadays, the wife has had to seek employment so that the family can ‘make ends meet’ and the wages of the husband is simply not enough to support the family. And if the family can’t pay it’s bills, NONE of them get to live there- they lose their home and are Out On the Street.

We Sure have Come a Long Way, haven’t we?


There were a lot of negative reactions to the efforts of the former slaves taking control of their own lives from those whites who held the belief that blacks were meant to be subordinate to them. In one case in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, after a dispute with some ‘freedmen’, the whites burned their cabins and hanged the inhabitants. Thousands of Blacks were murdered and beaten. Now, you can see how delusional it is for some to believe that others are less than they, when they will commit acts such as this- this kind of behavior is not acts of superiority, but in fact infeariority, totally hypocritical, and obviously unacceptable.


Quite disillusioning to see who we have been and what we’ve accepted and allowed in the past, especially when so many act ‘patriotic’ and ‘proud’ of this country, when- when you look at the history, it is an absolute Disgrace, that we can learn from, to be Sure that this kind of Abuse Never Happen Again. Reconstruction shows us who we’ve been, it’s Time to Let the shit from the Past Go, so that we can begin to ‘Reconstruct’ our Nature, to that which is Supportive to All Life, and End this System of Debt Slavery- because Slavery hasn’t yet Ended, it’s actually increased.


Time to Give ourselves the Opportunity to Live a Dignified Life Here with an Equal Money System.


I remember studying about the history of the U.S. government in high school, yet I just sort of, ‘took it all for granted’ in that I just accepted it as ‘the way things are’ and ‘the way they ought to be’. It’s quite fascinating to ‘revisit’ these points now, and considering everything from a starting point of equality. It’s cool now, to look at what we’ve done in the past and have a look at why/how it didn’t work, it’s great from a ‘here’s what not to do’ perspective.

So our government, the U.S. that is, was basically founded by some guys, some rich white guys to be more accurate, who sat down to make up some rules on how we shall live in this country. Fascinatingly, even though in the Declaration of Independence from Britain (lol, which I am just realizing, is not actually possible, you can’t actually be independent of anything in this world as we’re all here existing in the same system, our economies together making one economy) they wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”- people were anything but treated or considered equally. We still had slavery, the out-in-the-open obvious kind (Now slavery has been upgraded so that the ‘plantation owners’, so to speak, don’t have to house and feed you, they give you money to deal with that yourself, and so that you will perceive yourself as not enslaved, hahaha).

So, obviously the main point, the main problem within the government that was created, is that it doesn’t consider the point of Equality. In fact, that’s the problem with all the governments at this point, that will have to be corrected. And that is going to take some time.

To continue on the topic of studying the Judicial system, what I’ve learned is how laws are enforced- basically its up to the courts, the judges, to decide how to apply the law to each case that comes before them. Lawyers go through past cases to find cases that support or seem to support the point they are arguing for, and that is how they ‘make their case’, they ‘plead their case’ and it’s up to the judge, or jury as the case may be, to finally determine how to apply the law in a particular situation.

So, those who blame the ‘government’ for the laws ‘they’ make, realize that the laws are somewhat general points, and it’s within the courts with the lawyers and judges where those laws are actually decided how they will apply.

It is quite fascinating to apply myself in this point of becoming involved in politics, actually taking the time to really thoroughly walk myself through the history of the governments we have created which we have now. And really, the point of studying in general, about things that is actually relevant to this world, like the economic system and education system- I am finding it is actually quite cool to study these things because doing so brings me to a point of understanding how, these systems that exist currently which we are creating, actually function- how it is we create them, how it is they exist, by getting down into the ‘nitty-gritty’ details, and really seeing all aspects of what we are doing, or at least much more aspects than before, and as I come to understand how it works more and more, I also gain the ability to become a creative/directive force within it. Whereas, when I did not know how it worked, it was like a mystery to me and thus I had no way to become involved in it, in the world systems, I had no clue as to even how to start and thus I assumed I simply ‘was not able’ to participate at all, and in fact, I wasn’t able, if only because I lacked the understanding of how the systems work, and thus how to be able to move within and as them.
It is exactly like if you want to play chess, you must understand what the different pieces are, and how they are able to move and how they are restricted, etc, and thus you can see how our systems are much like a game, where there is established rules that you must learn to play, if you want to ‘play the game’. Ha, I remember various experiences in my life where I was playing a game that I’d never played before with someone who was quite experienced, and they would use my lack of knowledge of the rules and strategies of the game to their advantage in order to win and would make no effort to even explain the basic rules of the game, and it was like ‘what is the fucking point?’ to even play this game, if you are not going to even have me stand on equal ground to compete as equals. Nevermind that the very point that we for entertainment and pleasure will actually engage in games where the point is to win at another’s expense- this just shows the extent to which we’ve been brainwashed to believe that ‘accomplishment’ or ‘reward’ must and only comes at the expense of another. Which is quite fucked up when you realize that it does not at all require some to lose in order to gain, in fact it’s exactly the opposite, when it’s set up so that in order to gain, you must rob others, it is like crippling a part of yourself, a part of your own body, as a part of the whole body that is all humans and this existence, and therefore you actually hurt yourself, YOU actually LOSE.
In realizing this, it is Obvious Common Sense, to not have our systems set up for only a few to gain at the cost of others. I mean, how fucked-up is it- that we don’t even realize this point, that it does not require some to ‘lose’ in order to gain, and that in fact, we are all losing by this set up. This is what the Equal Money System is about- having a system in which Life can actually be enjoyable no matter where you are in this world, you will be supported as the Life that you are- not exploited with no other choice if you want to actually survive in this world. It’s a system which will reflect the realization that what is actually best for each individual is that which is beneficial for every individual, thus, that which is best for self, or in self’s interest, is that which is best for All and Everyone. One and the same. One and equal. It’s such a simple point, and it’s time now to stand up and live this realization into actual fact, and stop the needless abuse and suffering going on in this world.

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