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Money isn’t everything? Yes and no. In this current system- money is everything- without money, you literally have nothing, not even the ability to live and breathe here, as your physical body requires support and without money, you have no access to that support, and you die. But life shouldn’t be all about money, which it is because not all are guaranteed enough money to have access to their needs, and for the majority of humanity, most of one’s time is spent doing whatever one can to get the money that is needed. Life has become ‘all about the money’ and not about actually living.

Many people will use this phrase however, as an excuse to not change the current system and to attack the Equal Money System, which uses money, saying “Money isn’t everything.” But obviously they’ve missed the point that money has become everything, as explained above. They also haven’t understood that ‘money’ in the Equal Money System, will not be the same as what money is today, as it will be simply a tool for facilitating the movement of resources to where it’s needed, and not have any intrinsic value in itself. Thus money will no longer be a thing that can be abused for the sake of profits at the expense of others. Since everyone will have the necessary money they require to acquire their needs, people’s lives will no longer be consumed by the need to find ways to acquire money- thus the Equal Money System will effectively make it so that money isn’t everything. Because obviously, that’s not all life should be about. Life should be about living to our fullest potential without allowing abuse in any way.

In order for us to be able to live as though ‘money isn’t everything’- we have to change how we value money so that indeed, it isn’t everything. In the Equal Money System money will become the tool which it was always ‘meant’ to be, but allowed to be abused at our expense, at the expense of life. Until we change our system to one of life support rather than one controlled by profit and greed, we’ll continue to be ruled by money and the pursuit of it and never really be able to live and be what we could be- the real custodians of the earth, our home, and give ourselves a life in which we’re free to live in the way that all life benefits equally.


In the Equal Money System, research will be done from the starting point of actually being supportive to life. In the current profit-driven system, all research is conducted for the sake of making profits- if the research may not yield monetary profits, it is simply not done. In this current system, money is required to fund the research, therefore, no research is done in the benefit of the majority of people who have no money, as you cannot make a profit form them and they do not have any money to fund the research themselves.

Thus only corporations have become the ones that have enough money to fund research, and they fund research which is in the interest of the company/business- without consideration of life and only in consideration of making profits- as that is how a corporation has legally been designed to function- being required by law to act in the interest of it’s shareholders.

This is how we end up with research that for example in the medical industry, is not geared toward supporting the human in ending diseases, illnesses, and dependencies, but rather finding ways to ‘treat’ the diseases and such, because treatment over time makes profits.

This is but the tip of the iceberg, in terms of how our current system corrupts all research- such that despite our apparently advanced science and technology, so many suffer from perfectly treatable and preventable causes.

This will not happen in an Equal Money System, since there will be no profit- research will simply be done, by those who truly would like to do it, who have actual interest in a field and would like to actually contribute to the betterment of all life. The vast majority of research that’s done today, which is mostly research into pharmaceuticals or various marketing research, etc, no longer will be done- and we will be able to do actual research into this physical reality and how it works, which is quite vast, and we still have barely scratched the suface of understanding.

In the Equal Money System the real fun will begin and we’ll be able to do research that all life will benefit from- and science and technology can finally fulfill the promise it’s always given- to lead to better quality of living for all.

Visit http://equalmoney.org to find out more about the Equal Money System and keep up with the latest developments of the new system that will support a better world.

Ah- more discussion on the ever-ridiculous ‘Debt Ceiling’ fiasco- discussing how it is irrelevant- how value within our current system is not equality-based and how this lead to abuse and exploitation of ourselves- and what is the solution to this mess. Have a listen.


In this vlog I share some perspectives on the Debt Ceiling issue the U.S. is currently facing- what is really going on, what is the real consequence of our current Capitalist system, and what is the Solution- Equal Money- check it out at: http://equalmoney.org.


I’ve been learning just recently in my American History class about the period we call “Industrialization”, which was basically when we started developing and using machinery to do labor, back in the 1880’s or so. Or rather, when a few men who had money invested in some machines and set up companies where they hired workers and paid them an hourly wage to work these machines, in factories.

In their greed, they wanted to pay the workers as little as possible and had no real concern for the conditions that the workers had to work in, and this eventually led to what we call ‘Strikes’ and then ‘Unions’ were formed to fight the owners for rights for the workers, and through the strikes and revolts that took place, labor laws were created.

Here is a quote from my American History textbook, speaking about how after the first strikes that occurred by railroad workers, armories were built to protect from attacks from strikers and rioters, because strikers had looted and burned buildings.


“The need for armories signified the paradox that an industrial economy celebrated for its dynamism was also an economy brutally indifferent to the many who fell by the wayside and hence an economy that was never secure, never free of social conflict.”


So you can see the implication here is that if some are not allowed to ‘fall by the wayside’, then there will Not be Social Conflict. It really is that simple. The strikers were eventually put down by force by federal troops that were brought in. So here is a perfect example of what happens when you riot, and why it doesn’t work. Because the wealthy can buy troops to Force you, and you can’t. And since the wealthy make their money from the system as it is, that is what they will use their money to protect.

So if you put yourself in the way of commerce- you’re asking for it and you shall receive. Just look at history all over the world- no wait, that’s right, you can see this exact scenario taking place right this very moment, in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc. This Rash of Rioting and Protesting that’s been spreading like a Virus has been met with what? Force. Killing. This is no solution.

For all the Revolutions that’s taken place, there is more dying and suffering today than ever. So the solution is obviously not throwing sticks and stones at the government and saying ‘I don’t like you, I want a new Mommy’.


Fascinating that to this day, we still have not understood and realized that this method of laboring by force and separation/superiority is extremely ineffective, and of course most workers are unsatisfied with the work situations, worldwide, and the best labor does not come from people unsatisfied with what they’re doing.

But really, those who are Profiting are considering it from a perspective of, ‘how much work can I get out of these people while having them still accept and allow me to direct what is produced in my own favor?’ For them, it is about balancing the ‘unrest’ while getting as much production as they can. Quite Absurd.

Quite ridiculous, in fact, that we still allow it to continue this way, where a very few people make most of the profit of the companies which the many provide the labor for, for significantly less pay, and consideration of their well-being only so far as the law requires and is enforced.


What’s required is that those of us who can, do what we can to learn how this current system works, so that we can infiltrate this system from within, because like I said before, if the system thinks you are a threat to it, it will squash you like a little bug, and that’s the end of you, and the system goes on, in utter disregard of Life.


Therefore, the only shot we have at this, is to infiltrate- to become the system, so we can stand as the system, and purify it from within. It is much like the immune system within the human physical body- if the immune system identifies you as a virus- it goes into ‘red alert’ and will raise its army to take you down. However, there are pathogens that adapt and manage to go undetected by the immune system, and thus they are allowed to enter unscathed and unmolested. So there you see the solution, in a way, is right here within ourselves, within our cells, haha.


Stand up, learn the system, become the change, be part of the solution. Those who want to riot are looking for a ‘quick fix’, but there is no quick fix for the mess we have created here, unfortunately, and it only gets bigger, so better to get started and not hesitate. Join Desteni and participate with finding solutions to the problems we face, and be a part of the most Radical Change to ever happen in Existence.


Take part in the Desteni-I-Process where you will get life-coaching that will prepare you to be a Leader in this World so you are ready when the Time comes, to implement a new system, the Equal Money System, wherein All will be considered and No One left out, and there will be no more need to fight for rights because all our rights will already be Supported, there will be no Less and More, everyone will be ‘Equally More’ and we will All live like Millionaires.

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