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In the Equal Money System, ‘money’ is going to be digital for several reasons. One reason being that digital money is will have very little impact on the environment, compared to paper and metal money which require much resources and labor to create. For digital money, much is already in place. as many already utilize digital money on a regular basis- in the form of bank cards for example.

We’ll just need to make sure that all people everywhere have access, and once the equipment is in place, that’s all that require to be done- whereas paper and metal money
require to be repeatedly created as they deteriorate or get lost. The equipment needed for a digital money system can be created to last much longer than the physical forms of money. Thus digital money will be much easier on the environment and require less human labor.

Another reason we’ll have digital money is that it is much easier to ensure there is no abuse- it’s much more difficult to steal, because it’s traceable- when a bank card or credit card gets stolen, for example, you can report it stolen and whoever has stolen it will not be able to use it. You’ll be able to get a replacement and suffer no interruption. Whereas, with paper/metal money, there is very little, if anything, you can do if it gets stolen- it can’t be traced and you can’t stop another from using it. Thus a digital money makes sense in order to prevent abuse, and ensure one’s access to their needs always.

Since money in an Equal Money System is only for the allocation of needs, and you are always given enough as needed, there is no need to save it. In fact, saving it would be a problem- as the purpose of it is to exist only for the moment that it’s required to facilitate a ‘purchase’ of one’s needs. Within the current money system, money exists as a commodity in and of itself, which means it’s a thing which can be horded and bought and sold in order to take advantage of inequalities of value in the system to make a profit- but where value is taken from, value is lost- thus this is an abuse as it creates lack where the value has been taken from- thus this way of ‘transference of value’ so to speak, will not be allowed, and a digital money will make sense, to ensure there is no hoarding.

It literally wouldn’t make sense to hoard it anyway, as you always have enough for what you need, and it’s only used for your needs. Thus you’d only be able to get more of your needs, but you can only utilize so much of that, so it wouldn’t make sense to have any excess. You’re not going to be able to sell it to anyone to try to make a profit, because everyone will already have enough to purchase their needs themself, at the same rate as everyone else. Thus, there’s no desire to have a physical currency, as there’s no desire to save it or have something to physically ‘hold onto’.

The whole point of the Equal Money System is to have your life guaranteed at all times for your whole life, for everyone. Thus the need to save money literally becomes extinct.

Having a digital money is also more convenient to carry around or keep track of, as it’s always only one item you need to have, just like a bank card, rather than a wad of cash, or pocket full of change.

Part of the reason some prefer cash these days, is because they like the anonymity- but there is no need for anonymity unless you are wanting to do something abusive and get away with it. This will come to an end in Equal Money, because digital money is traceable, and actually the data can be used as feedback to utilize in working out system logistics- much like it’s used today, except it won’t be used from a starting point of making the most profits possible, in disregard to life. I mean, those that fear that such information will be used to abuse, must realize that that is what happens in the current profit based system already- and the Equal Money System will effectively end that- as we will have oversight in everything we do in order to make sure no abuse is allowed to occur.

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In the Equal Money System, research will be done from the starting point of actually being supportive to life. In the current profit-driven system, all research is conducted for the sake of making profits- if the research may not yield monetary profits, it is simply not done. In this current system, money is required to fund the research, therefore, no research is done in the benefit of the majority of people who have no money, as you cannot make a profit form them and they do not have any money to fund the research themselves.

Thus only corporations have become the ones that have enough money to fund research, and they fund research which is in the interest of the company/business- without consideration of life and only in consideration of making profits- as that is how a corporation has legally been designed to function- being required by law to act in the interest of it’s shareholders.

This is how we end up with research that for example in the medical industry, is not geared toward supporting the human in ending diseases, illnesses, and dependencies, but rather finding ways to ‘treat’ the diseases and such, because treatment over time makes profits.

This is but the tip of the iceberg, in terms of how our current system corrupts all research- such that despite our apparently advanced science and technology, so many suffer from perfectly treatable and preventable causes.

This will not happen in an Equal Money System, since there will be no profit- research will simply be done, by those who truly would like to do it, who have actual interest in a field and would like to actually contribute to the betterment of all life. The vast majority of research that’s done today, which is mostly research into pharmaceuticals or various marketing research, etc, no longer will be done- and we will be able to do actual research into this physical reality and how it works, which is quite vast, and we still have barely scratched the suface of understanding.

In the Equal Money System the real fun will begin and we’ll be able to do research that all life will benefit from- and science and technology can finally fulfill the promise it’s always given- to lead to better quality of living for all.

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How will land be distributed if not by ownership? How will it be decided which house a person gets?

In an equal Money System- it’s about self responsibility- meaning that which you take on as ‘yours’ you take on as your responsibility and you thus have the responsibility to care for such thing in a way that’s best for all and cause no harm to another. So, rather than owning something, you’ll be responsible for it.

In an Equal Money System you won’t be able to buy slaves to do your ‘dirty work’ for you- such as to clean your house or work your land for you- thus whatever land or house you have you would be responsible for the upkeep and how it is utilized.

So from this perspective, individuals are going to eventually choose houses that they are actually able to effectively take care of, depending on how much effort they’re willing to put into it. In cases where a house or land is not being properly taken care of making sure to keep it sanitary and not a hazard to others, then there must be intervention to not allow the abuse to continue.

And land will not be able to be abused as it is now, where those with money to can simply purchase the land and purchase the ‘rights’ to use it as they see fit in order to make a profit without regard of the effects of the use of that land on all life, on the wildlife and people living on or near that land, as is done so currently– like you have now where whole landscapes are altered completely disrupting the natural habitats of the local wildlife, which can alter our ecosystem in ways that cause extensive harm to life.

Land is not here to be bought and sold to make a profit off of it- it’s here as a gift which can provide enough for all to thrive when it is not being abused for profits, and should not be allowed to be used in such a way that it cause harm and disregard life, as this is a major factor in where we find ourselves now, in the current state of the world, where busineses and corporations are literally running-amok with the earths resources, causing untold harm and suffering throughout existence.

In the Equal Money System we’ll thus utilize land and housing as responsible custodians according to what we’d actually like and are able to take responsibility for – this will eventually bring the end to the abuse of nature, and we’ll have much less problems and issues arising from the displacement of species from their habitats and the altering of the land or bodies of water on it, and such things will only be done if it’s of benefit to all- as we’ll actually be free to do that which is supportive, and no longer be able to be forced and enslaved into doing things that cause abuse and bring harm to life.

For more perspective on this point, check out this video: How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house? – Equal Money FAQ

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The meat industry will no longer exist as it does today, where much of the industry involving breeding and slaughtering animals for human consumption exist merely for the sake of profit. In the current Capitalist system, there is no regard for animal life and animals are seen and treated as lesser beings that are here simply for us to utilize without regard or consideration of these beings and their place within the ecosystem here on earth- the ecosystem which support us to exist, and where the quality of our life will be equal to the quality of the ecosystem in which we live- thus as we degrade the ecosystem, we degrade ourselves as well.

The consequences of meat production on vast industrial scales is various diseases, viruses, and chemicals being within the meats that are then consumed by humans, causing all sorts of health issues, which then lead to further profits for the medical industries which treat diseases and such. The consequence of this being massive suffering which is completely unnecessary, of both human and animal.

Large scale ‘factory farms’ also produce a lot of waste run-off that pollutes the surrounding environment in various ways, such as toxic gases that are released by decomposing manure, or by animal waste contaminating the water supply. The antibiotics that the animals are often injected with to keep down disease due to living in overcrowded unsanitary spaces also enter into the environment causing many deleterious effects.


Eventually it may be possible we can to get to a point where animals are no longer killed to be consumed, but rather can be consumed once they have naturally come to the end of their life. Or a suitable replacement can be found/developed which could provide what the human requires rather than using animals. So that animals will be given the basic right of being able to exist and prosper, like we would want for ourselves.


These possiblities and more can only be explored in an Equal Money System where the system is based on doing what’s best for all life. The profit-driven nature of the current system means that research is only done when a profit can be made from it. It’s through and within this current system that these abuses are actually allowed to take place, since the meat industries can afford to pay lobbyists to get support for legislation that support the business of meat production, at the expense of alll life; human, animal or otherwise.

The Equal Money System will be the key to finally being able, as a species, to do what is actually best for life. Then we will be free to walk a process of transformation from dis-ease to well-being, giving ourselves the chance to really thrive here; to stop the survival game and be able to enjoy life here, fully, in all forms.


“Pollution from Giant Livestock Farms Threatens Public Health Waste lagoons and manure sprayfields — two widespread and environmentally hazardous technologies — are poorly regulated. .” Natural Resources Defense Council. Natural Resources Defense Council, 7/15/05. Web. 23 Oct 2011.

Somebody recently brought up the topic of Ludwig von Mises and the book he wrote titled “Human Action”. Since I was not familiar with this book, I set out to investigate. I easily found a pdf and began reading from the very beginning. Now, I didn’t even make it through the forward, and already have found an obvious point of dishonesty, which brings into question the validity of what’s to be presented within this book, as it shows the starting point is of deception. Here is the quote-

“The liberal champions of equality under the law were fully
aware of the fact that men are born unequal and that it is precisely
their inequality that generates social cooperation and civilization.”

What’s being said here is that inequality creates cooperation- the ignorance of this statement is appalling and could only come from a person who has never been on the losing side of inequality-and what do you know- he was born to a wealthy family.

In fact, inequality is the result of the lack of cooperation- it is the result of competition with one another- wherein we seek to gain at the expense of another.

When you look at what inequality means- that some live in lack of their basic needs which cause extreme physical suffering- to suggest that this is acceptable because it apparently ‘creates cooperation’ is quite a misconsideration and quite delusional- unfortunately this happens as a result of the fact that one tend to only understand what they have actually experienced and are not aware of what they have not experienced themself in their particular life- if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to not have access to your basic needs, only then is it possible to justify such an experience and accept and allow it to exist.

Obviously it can’t be said that ‘cooperation actually exist when inequality exist- if actual cooperation existed because cooperation implies that we’d be existing here in such a way that we’d all thrive and none would be allowed or made to suffer. That is the result of cooperation- so if ‘real’ cooperation was going on- no one would be allowed to suffer.

Any ‘cooperation’ that require inequality for it to happen is obviously not a desirable or effective ‘form of cooperation’ as it doesn’t lead to actual cooperation, if it still allow inequality to exist. As long as we accept a system in which we must compete against one another, real cooperation cannot exist- because the design of the system is actually to pit us against one another- it is the epitome of non-cooperation. You can see this manifested everywhere- look how businesses must compete against each other driving each other to have to make products as cheaply as possible, companies having ‘patents’ on things to ensure that they are the only one who can develop a product, and thus be the only one to profit from it, etc. How much farther in terms of technology could we be if businesses could work together? If all humanity worked together as one- what could we accomplish? The possibilities are daunting. The only way we’ll find out, is by ending inequality and giving everyone the equal support to life that only a few currently have- no one should suffer.

When we have a system that’s based on equality, real cooperation will actually be possible for once- we will no longer be individuals competing against one another for survival- or one country against another, all here on the same earth- sharing the same planet. This is what we stand for at Desteni- real cooperation. This is why we are busy working on and researching a new system which will be based on equality- so that we’ll actually be able to live here in a way where we can coexist and work together and combine our efforts- as many hands make light work.

See our Destonian Wiki on Wikipedia to find out more about Desteni and the Destonians and the equality-based Equal Money System


In a video I just recently listened to on YouTube put out by the so-called group ‘Anonymous’- a group which is taking on a ‘active civil disobedience’ stance toward the current system- a narrator is passionately saying “you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers…” (of the machine that is the system) cause you’ve got to “make it stop”. Assuredly, this is going to rile some people up, they will get an energetic charge as they listen to this and the charge will build up within them and they will feel ‘driven’ to take some sort of action, whatever it is, whatever is being suggested and implied as the action that will effectively release that charge, which here is being suggested as ‘putting your body on the machine’ basically ‘stopping the machine’ is the goal- as if that is going to solve problems somehow, solve anything. But- If anonymous was a threat to the system, the system would simply take them out- anonymous is actually providing the perfect justification to impose further controls, therefore it is doing just what those in power would like and it is left alone to do its thing.

Now, you need the ‘machine’ to live currently, and even if you’re one of the extreme few who have found a way to apparently live ‘off the grid’, the vast majority of those dependent on the system has not and you are calling for their death and suffering, and the death and suffering of their families as well- because they require the system to live, and likely you and your family are existing off of the current system right now too. It’s how you get your food, water, electricity, house, car, clothes, computer, education, etc- and currently there exists no alternative- there is no effective alternate way in place and available to people so that they can let the current system go.

So, Anonymous is calling for action against the system that most utilize to survive without offering a solution that will deal with the fact that if the system stopped now, there will be extensive suffering. This is exactly the type of situation where, if you’ll look at history, if you’re familiar with U.S. history- this is exactly how action is justified to be taken against a rebelling faction- you have a faction that ‘rises up’ to try to rebel and to threaten the system but which most of the citizenship still is supported by to live, and thus you are threatening the survival and safety of the general public- and this is how action is justified to use whatever force is necessary to stop the rebel action, and laws are changed to further limit civil liberties and personal freedoms.

Thus the government has already been given the adequate justification required to take action against Anonymous, if Anonymous starts doing something they actually don’t like. But currently it is working out quite well for the powers, as it provides no actual solution to change the world- because obviously ‘peaceful resistance’ is not what’s needed to change the system, the world- what’s needed is direct action to create a new system which will actually support us that does not allow for abuse as we have accepted within the current capitalistic system.

The very design of ‘resistance’ and resistance movements is just that- a design- it is a pre-designed ‘role’ which is being role-played- which takes it’s ‘cue’ from history stories and movies and television shows, where you have resistance movements, and it’s always the same design, for example with the TV show “V” you had a underground resistance movement- so this design has already been scripted and as such, you are able to then calculate what the exact result or affect is going to come from this scenario, as it’s literally been played-out many many times, over and over, in history and in our stories.

So there is really no excuse to not be able to see what the possible playouts of this movement is going to be- and that its already failed before it even began- and is only going to lead to further control and further force and further limitations imposed- the exact goals it is supposedly working against. Does Anonymous realize this? Is this actually their intended goal? Because it will be the consequence of their actions whether they realize it or not. They have taken on a big responsibility by standing up and attempting to direct this action to stop the system but they are not doing it in a way that considers everyone, and thus it will fail.

I mean, this has been done before- we are repeating our failed history over and over again, each time leading to further enslavement- these kind of movements have always provided perfect justifications for imposing limitations and taking away freedoms on the basis that they threaten the well-being of the majority- those who get their support from the system- and they will support the system because it’s how they get their lively-hood, and they will thus defend the current system out of fear for themselves and for their families for if they lose their job or the system crashes how will they survive? And so they will actually protect the abusive current system for fear of having no other way to support themselves and their loved-ones. And the government will use that as reason to take action against the much smaller movement.

I mean this is just the same that happens with disease, with viruses- it enter the body and if the body’s immune system recognize it as an attacker, it take action and destroy it, so the viruses had to evolve and over time has developed ways to not be detected as an threat to the system so that it do not set off the immune system reaction and get obliterated.

So anything that supports separation, such as this Anonymous movement, will always play into the hands of the system- because as long as your solution doesn’t consider everyone equally- as long as someone is left out- it will not work- because the ones that’s left out won’t accept it obviously- and the current abusive system can continue. Those in power simply implement further controls in the name of ‘public safety’- if these movement becomes violent and riots, as these things tend to do as they get large and harder to control the actions of the individuals acting as the group- this could turn into the perfect excuse for ‘micro-chipping’ to be implemented- so Anonymous are the actual proponents of micro-chipping- as they are busy working on speeding us up toward that end- which shows they have not considered actual solutions.

Yes the abuses taking place in the current system need to be exposed- yet Anonymous is only exposing ‘governments’ and ‘corporations’ as the ‘criminals’, so the general population points their fingers at these other ‘separate’ organizations and blames them for the abuse, and thus they get to avoid considering their own responsibility- their own part they have played in accepting and allowing and supporting the current system- as if somehow they system could exist without their participation in it- and in this we are all responsible for the current system.

To separate from the ‘governments’ and ‘corporations’ and blame them, is exactly why we’re in the mess we’re in- because we haven’t taken responsibility for ourselves- it’s like getting mad at the government because THEY didnt stop YOU from being abusive.

This is why Anonymous is not a solution- because Anonymous supports separation- while the actual solution is standing up, taking self-responsibility, and coming together to create a system which includes and supports everyone- it’s the only way that actually has a chance to work- history has proved this- we have tried every other way and they have all been within the starting point of separation- equality is the one thing we haven’t tried, ever, and it is the obvious solution and those that sought to control have done everything they could for eons to keep us from realizing the one simple solution which is equality.

Anonymous is just a echo of the past, a repetition of a history that has never worked and only led to more abuse, more limitation, more fear, more enslavement- What is required is a new system which support everyone equally- the Equal Money System is being developed based on the principle of equality and considers everyone, leaves no one out- guarantees everyone support to live and thrive- not just a few like in the current capitalist system. The Equal Money System is an actual solution that will lead to real change, it will lead to the end of poverty, of war, of deaths by preventable causes, of unnecessary suffering- the Equal Money System is the obvious solution, if Anonymous actually cares for humanity, cares for life, cares for real change for the better of all and to end all abuse- they would be calling for an Equal Money System.

How many times do we need to repeat history? And walk through manifested consequences of extensive suffering, before we’ll finally realize that we must stand up and be the solution?

Anonymous will end up being just another movement that led to further control and enslavement, it’s a pattern we’ve been repeating over and over, and has been allowed to continue as it allows the abusive system to continue- so Anonymous will not bring the end of the system, it will not bring a solution- it only promotes resisting and what you resist, persists.

It’s time to stop these endless cycles and do something real for a change- not just follow and copy the designs that’s been laid out for us within the history stories and tv and movie stories that keeps things just the way they are so we can never break free- never expand into what we could really be, but just be forever trapped in cycles. Time to break the cycles, time to LIVE. Stand up for a real solution- a New System that supports All- Equal Money.

This fascinating interview here about the Design of Infinity is definitely a must watch! I remember the first time I came across this perspective and it blew my mind, literally! I couldn’t believe the now so seemingly-obvious points about the basic design of infinity that I had never considered- had missed completely! It simply had never ‘crossed my mind’- as I just simply had followed the beliefs and perceptions that already pre-existed as what was taught to me about ‘infinity’ and what it means and implies to be living in an apparent ‘Infinite Existence’. Basically I had believed that ‘Infinity’ implied ‘unlimited-ness’ and ‘unending-ness’ so to speak- a ‘vastness’, like the ‘ultimate’ vastness beyond all imagination- however- if you have a look at the design of infinity- you’ll see this is not exactly the case, and there is some serious points we have missed-

See, infinity is a time based design- it seems ‘endless’ because it has no apparent beginning and end- but this is simply an illusion created by simply cycling the beginning and the end over and over and over, on and on, ‘infinitely’. So within that, infinity is not limitlessness in any way whatsoever- it is actually a complete and total trap- an enslavement to cycles endlessly repeating- quite the opposite of the ‘impression’ I’d had of what ‘Infinity’ was ‘supposed’ to be. Oh, yes it is indeed ‘vast’ and ‘endless’- a ‘vast’ and ‘endless’ repition of cycles over and over.

This is not Life obviously- this is a program- infinity is a program that runs repeatedly and simply follows it’s design as it was programmed to do. At Desteni we are realizing ourselves as Life- to no longer be enslaved to and within the endless cycles of infinity- fascinating how we’d missed such a simple point- such a simple consideration- within the design of infinity, and had it completely backwards- infinity is just another program, and to be living within an infinity based system is actually enslavement and limitation. Definitely give this interview a listen especially if you had the same ideas as I did about the Design of Infinity! It’ll blow your mind.

Ah- more discussion on the ever-ridiculous ‘Debt Ceiling’ fiasco- discussing how it is irrelevant- how value within our current system is not equality-based and how this lead to abuse and exploitation of ourselves- and what is the solution to this mess. Have a listen.


In this vlog I share some perspectives on the Debt Ceiling issue the U.S. is currently facing- what is really going on, what is the real consequence of our current Capitalist system, and what is the Solution- Equal Money- check it out at:

While learning about history in school, I just knew there was something missing- I mean- it’s kind of obvious- all sorts of atrocities are mentioned, but there is never really adequate explanation as to why or how these things came to take place.

The way history is taught now, it kind of leaves you with the impression that some people just like to be oppressed- in fact, that the VAST MAJORITY of people seem to prefer to exist with just barely getting enough to survive living and working in poor conditions.

A little common sense goes a long way here- to realize that if you were being oppressed or abused, you want to do whatever you could to stop it- and the times in your life where you have been oppressed or abused are when there was nothing you could do about it- like if 4 guys beat you up in a back alley- you had no choice but to be beaten- so how our history is currently taught- the guys that beat you up would then go and tell everyone that you actually wanted to be beat up and it was your responsibility to stop it. Yeah- you can see how ridiculous this is.

Which brings me to my point- which is that our history has been taught from a perspective of justifying the abuse and oppression of the majority of the population, when we all know in common sense that no one would actually want to live that way. Yet we have trusted the ‘professionals’, the professors, and the textbooks, the media- however, in this system in which only a very few have the power, because they have the money, the schools, the media, the information that is taught and presented to people is all controlled, and is deliberately manipulated and distorted in favor of protecting the current system and those who profit from it.

However, it is possible to find out what really happened, from the perspective of the people, and how things have really got to be how they are now- why so many are oppressed and suffering.  A book called “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn gives a really thorough and effective explanation of what actually happened in the history of the U.S., of the pivotal events that took place- I was totally shocked in the staggering difference between the actual perspectives that is shared in this book, it becomes abundantly obvious that what we are taught in schools is so obviously one-sided and on the side that favors those in power. I so highly recommend all to read this book- you will actually be interested to be learning about history.

Reading this book, I realized a major part of the reason why I hadn’t been interested to learn about history in the past, was that it never really made sense, because you could always tell, there was a lot left out that simply was not explained and thus not much made sense, and learning history was actually quite depressing- as it basically served to tell you what your place was, and that’s just the way things are, and if you have a problem with it it means you’re lazy.

You can get this book in audio format as well- but no matter which way you read it/hear it, I suggest that you do- so you can get some perspective on what really went on to get to where we are now- it will give you much more of a clearer perspective on what is going on today in this world even now- the very issues at hand today- labor unions, immigration, inequality, etc. And through this understanding, you empower yourself to be able to understand what is going on, and can begin to see what the solution is, which is for us to stand up and stop allowing this oppression to continue, that this is not the way things ‘just are’ or ‘must be’, but have been very deliberately made to be this way through the use of force- yet, we have quite a good opportunity to change this system now through the political process that’s been established, that’s currently utilized by those seeking to oppress the many to profit from their labor.

Therefore, I highly suggest to read this book “A People’s History of the United States”, so you can get a clear picture of our history and how the political system has ‘evolved’ and thus you’ll better understand how it can be utilized and changed. It is just like this with anything- you can’t really change the design of a car until you fully understand how the car works, what the parts are and what they do, etc.

“A People’s History of the United States” is a Must Read for anyone who is an activist and stands up for Equal Rights for All and a world without suffering.

Within this account of history it’s abundantly clear that we require a new system which is based on Equality for All- that that is the only real solution we have currently, to be able to stop the oppression and abuse taking place all over the world. So, in addition to reading this book, I suggest to investigate the Equal Money System as well- as it will be the key to finally putting an end to this abuse and exploitation that’s been going on for eons.

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